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Computer Maintenance Guide: Tips to Manage Your Hard Drive Partitions

Some uncertain PC problems like system crash, PC hang, and sudden freezes may make you feel that managing computer hardware is a difficult task. But if you’re good at taking care of sensitive PC parts, then managing your hard disk isn’t that difficult. Read below to know what all you should do to avoid unnecessary laptop repair service bills.

Your hard drive is the storehouse of your important, crucial, and sensitive data that you would never want to lose. An uncertain error, crash, or virus attack may cause severe system damages and force your hard disk drive to fail. If you think that your hard disk is one of the most crucial computer hardware components then you need to take proper care of it. You might have partitioned it to enhance its usability. Sometimes, your hard disk drive partitions may possess greater data security threats and cause unnecessary failure of crucial PC parts. Basically, your hard disk has everything including the operating system, applications, files, and other important PC elements on it. Since you can’t just have only one single partition on a hard disk, read below computer maintenance tips to know how to manage your hard drive partitions:

Managing Hard Disk Partitions Without Installing a Third-Party Software

Windows has its own partition management tool, so you don’t need any additional software to manage your hard disk drive partitions. The tutorial will guide you through some excellent steps and features that are only available in Windows 7, but you can still explore other Windows versions to access the similar settings.

• To access the Partition Manager, go to Control Panel –> Administrative Tools and a new window will be automatically get launched

• Click the ‘Disk Management’ button, under the Storage category to access the utility

• Wait for some time as the utility will identify your hard-disk and its partitions.

Note: PC experts recommends not messing around with drive C: because it may lead to partial or complete data loss.

How to Use Disk Management Tool and What It Can Do?

Once you’ve reached the Disk Management window, right-click on a drive and choose the following functions for a respective partition:

• Shrink- Shrinking of a hard drive partition will decrease the amount of space on it. It is important to consider that the left over space will get transformed into unused space, and you can create a separate partition for it, later on.

• Extend- Extending empowers a user to increase the storage space of a particular drive, but you will need to have unused space at your disposal.

• Delete- The Delete option completely removes the respective drive and the entire data stored on it. The option will transform the hard drive partition into unused space, which you can use to store additional stuff.

• Format- Formatting of a hard disk drive partition will make the respective drive ‘usable’ for Windows. It basically transforms an unused or leftover space into an area on which operating system can work on and utilize it purposely.

• Change the letter- This option is self-explanatory, and it lets you modify the letter of the particular partition. In case you’re managing a large number of drives, you can use this feature to distinguish between the hard disks for booting, for programs, and movies.

Some Alternative Solutions to Manage Your Hard Disks

If you think that the Windows Partition Manager is too difficult to handle or doesn’t feature the required functionalities, try alternative or third-party solutions.

Given below are the top 3 applications that can get your partitioning tasks done for free:

1. EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition

The EaseUS Partition Master (Home Edition) is one of the best solutions to create new, delete, resize or shrink partitions. The tool is also capable of performing a few neat tricks, including moving, hiding and unhiding your drives, without risking your valuable data. The tool’s ‘Copy Wizard’ can extend a partition keeping all your files intact. The tool is capable of working simultaneously with 32 storage devices and can offer support to drives of up to 4TB.

2. Paragon Partition Manager 14

Paragon Partition Manager is a reliable solution that helps users in managing their HDD partitions without risking data loss. Its patented technology ensures complete data protection while creating, deleting, modifying or changing hard drive partitions. The tool only offers basic functionality, and its well-designed interface will assist you in your tasks.

3. Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition

Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition is an effective partition manager that will help you create, extend, shrink, delete, and copy disk partitions. The application can easily convert your FAT32 drives into NTFS partitions, without risking your crucial data and sensitive files. Additionally, you can also use the tool to test the disk surface and rebuild the Master Boot Record (MBR). Its amazing features and capabilities make it a wonderful 1GB data recovery tool that will never compromise the security of your crucial files.


Computer maintenance is essential to ensure longer life of your system and PC parts, but several computing issues can ruin the entire process. Undoubtedly, efficient PC maintenance strategies can help you avoid some common PC problems, but they cannot provide full proof solutions to them. PC guru recommends taking care of your computer hardware as well software components to extend life-span of your age-old machines. So, create, follow, and design efficient system maintenance strategies to ensure minimal laptop repair service bills and enjoy a safer computing environment!

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