Computer Repair Tips to Fix the Windows Update Error “0x80070002”

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Using the Windows Update is essential to keep your operating system and other Windows software updated. However, while using the Windows Update center, sometimes you might get troubled with the error “0x80070002.” If you are also facing this error, then in this article you can read a few useful troubleshooting tips that will help you in getting rid of the same.

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Understanding the Error

When you run Windows Update for updating any software, you require downloading and storing a collection of files on your computer. These files are essential to complete the software updating process. However, sometimes, it might happen that all the requisite files don’t get successfully downloaded.

If your computer doesn’t have the requisite files, and you start the software updating process, then there is a possibility that you get the error “0x80070002.” The occurrence of this error simply means that your computer doesn’t have the files essential for completing the updating process. Because of the absence of essential files, the update process will not get completed.

The Computer Repair Tips to Troubleshoot the Error

The error is repairable so you can try troubleshooting the error and can easily get rid of the error. In the following article, you will read three useful tech support tips. If you are an advanced computer user, then you can easily self-perform these. However, if you are a basic user, then you can avail professional IT support services. Professional tech support experts use manual troubleshooting steps as well as the Windows Update troubleshooter.

For most of the Windows errors, Microsoft releases official troubleshooters. Thus, there is a troubleshooter for the Windows Update error “0x8007002.” Using this troubleshooter is likely to repair the error. However, if the error still prevails, then the IT support solution engineers prefer using the manual troubleshooting process. However, performing the manual troubleshooting process is not an automated process, therefore a basic computer user might not be able to do it with all accuracy. If you are not confident about self-performing the following troubleshooting methods, then you should go for professional tech support services. However, for your understating, you can read below and learn the methods:

How to Repair the error “0x80070002”?

Method 1: Stop the ‘Windows Update’ service

• Log on your computer as “Administrator.”
• Go to the desktop.
• Click the ‘Start’ button.
• Select ‘Control Panel.’
• Open the ‘Control Panel.’
• In the search box, type “Administrative Tools.”
• Then click ‘Administrative Tools.’
• Here, double-click ‘Services.’
• Enter your administrator password.
• Next, find the ‘Windows Update Service.’
• Right-click on it.
• Next, click ‘Stop.’

Method 2: Delete temporary files in the SoftwareDistribution

• Log on your computer as “Administrator.”
• Go to the desktop.
• Click the ‘Start’ button.
• In the search box, type ‘Windows Explorer.’
• Click it to open.
• Next, double-click the installation hard drive that carried the Windows, typically drive C.
• Now, look for the Windows folder, double-click it.
• Inside the folder, look for ‘SoftwareDistribution’ folder, and then double-click it.
• Next, open the ‘DataStore’ folder by double-clicking it.
• Now, delete all folders and files in the folder.
• Here, you might require providing your password or confirmation.
• Enter your password and provide confirmation.
• Click the ‘Back’ button, and you will be back into the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ folder.
• Here, double-click the ‘Download folder’ and open it.
• Now, delete all files and folders in it.

Method 3: Restart the ‘Windows Update’ service

To turn on the Windows Update service, you need to follow the same steps mentioned above in the first method. The steps will get you inside the ‘Windows Update Service’ folder. Just, right-click on it and then click ‘Start.’


Performing the steps mentioned above should resolve the problem by repairing the concerned error. Once, you have put these methods into action; restart your computer and try running the Windows Updates once again. The update process should take place without showing up any error. However, if the problem still prevails, then it is ideal to get online IT support help. Expert and trained online solution engineers can apply more advanced troubleshooting methods to fix the error.

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