Computer Solutions: Make The Computer Run Faster Like Before

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Computers are machines that run terribly fast when you turn them on for the first time but as years go by, they will run slower and crash so many times a day, leaving you wondering what happened to the computer to make it run that way. The good news is you can make your computer run as fast as it did when it came from the store several years ago. The hardware is the same, assuming you never upgraded it, the only difference is the software is a little ‘heavier’ than it was in the past.

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1. First you need to take care of the RAM. This is the main cause of computer speed and stability problems. Windows Xp and needs at least 1 GB to run perfectly fine at full speed. Windows 7 needs 3 GB and Windows Vista the same. You can run these OS with less RAM, but not with optimal speed. Increasing RAM will have the affect of reducing the number of crashes you experience expecially if you are the kind of computer user that opens several windows at the same time.

2. Turn off the Virtual memory. Virtual memory can be called virtual RAM because that’s exactly what Windows makes of it. Windows requires several GBs of RAM to work at full speed and when Windows runs out of RAM, it will use the hard disk as RAM, which is several times slower, in some cases as slower as ten times the speed of RAM… Insert more RAM on the motherboard and turn off virtual memory. The effect will be dramatic.

3. Clean the hard disk, this data storage device will save not only important files but also unimportant files that contribute to slow the computer down and make it more prone to crashes. Use a software like Ccleaner to take care of it. You can also manually delete all the files you see inside the Temp folder, because Windows does not really need them, especially if they are more than one day old or after you turn the computer off. If Windows ever needs them again, it can load them somewhere else.

4. Defrag the hard disk using Smart Defrag. Windows already has installed by default a defrag tool but that tool is not as good as Smart Defrag. It could be faster and more efficient and defrag using less computer resources. File fragmentation occurs when the saved file is bigger than the sector of the hard disk, Windows will ‘cut’ the file ‘in half’ and save the two parts in a completely different hard disk sector. When Windows wants the file back, it will have to make the hard disk ‘needle’ move from a sector to another to load the two parts of the file. This process is slower than having the same file saved in sequential sectors.

With regular maintenance your computer can run at top speed for as long as it can turn on. If for any reason you cannot solve your computer stability and speed problems following this article, restore Windows to a point when it was fast. If that step still does not solve the problem, installing Windows again is the last solution, without having to buy a new computer.

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Computer Solutions: Make The Computer Run Faster Like Before, Seekyt
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