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Computer Support: A Tweak to Resolve Windows System Image Error 0x80070057

For Windows 7 users, System Image is an excellent feature to create and restore the backup that helps the user in recovering from a damaged HDD. System Image is also helpful when a user attempts clean installation. But it is unfortunate that some restore scenarios are not thoroughly tested. Thus, while attempting to restore a Windows 7 System Image, you might end up getting cryptic errors such as Error code 0x80070057; ‘the parameter is incorrect.’ That certainly gives you a bad experience. This article will explain how to get rid of this error.

A Note on System Image

As you continue using your computer, you tend to customize your machine as per your requirements and likes. Thus, you install OS updates, software programs, changes the settings or configuration, upgrade RAM, hard drive, etc. to make your machine to perform exactly the way you want. Then, your machine works like a charm but finally one day you might feel the need of replacing the hard drive probably because you want a faster/larger unit or because of a drive failure.

Whatever is the cause, but before replacing your hard drive, you certainly need to backup your hard drive data so that you can restore the old data without having to reinstall anything. For that Microsoft has provided you with this excellent computer support tool called System Image. Just create a System Image and it will create the complete or selective backup of your hard drive data. Then you can restore the image and thus the whole data will get imported. You need not perform any reinstallation. The complete process will take a few hours depending on your system’s disk size.

But what if you fail to create the System Image and get restricted with error codes. Getting errors, while using System Image or any other Windows’ tools, certainly spoils your computing experience. It also gets you stuck in the middle of work, and in such a situation getting the error resolved is the only way to move on. In this article, you will learn the technical support solution to the “Error code 0x80070057; ‘the parameter is incorrect.’

How the Error Occurs?

This error may occur under various scenarios. But the post explains a common and general type of scenario. Suppose you want to replace your SSD with a larger unit and to avoid the reinstallation, you decide to use system image that will painlessly switch the data between the disks.

For that, you plug in an external USB HDD with a bounty of disk space and start the system image creation process. You ask Windows to put the image in the USB HDD. Then, you turned off the laptop and swapped SSDs. Then, you plug a USB stick containing the Windows 7 installation media and start the system image restoration process.

But instead of getting the process done, you confront the cryptic error:
Error code 0x80070057; ‘the parameter is incorrect’

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Note: You can read the complete error message on the web. It is easily available.

Computer Support Troubleshooting for the Error

This error is like a drive enumeration error. Errors caused by drive enumeration usually occurs when you try installing and configuring boot-loaders such as GRUB. While you attempt to switch data from one disk to another, the Windows need to do drive enumeration. Here, Windows must successfully be able to map the following disks:

• The USB stick from which you have booted in
• The drive that contains the system image
• The new drive where the image will get restored

But Windows restore process might fail to figure out the new drive where the system image will get restored. Mistakenly, it might map the USB stick, one from where you have booted in, as the new target drive. The restoration process will fail as there is no sufficient space in the USB stick.
The Solution

The easiest technical support troubleshooting solution for this error makes sure that your Windows see the right drive as the new target drive. You can tweak Windows by unplugging the Win7 USB stick before clicking ‘Finish’ in the restore wizard. Once you unplug the USB stick, Windows will automatically remap the drives, and it will pick up the right drive as the restore target disk. Now, the process must go smoothly after that.


The tip mentioned above is an interesting computer support troubleshooting tweak to resolve the System Image error code 0x80070057. You just require unplugging the USB stick, one from where you have booted in, before clicking the ‘Finish’ button in the Restore Wizard. But if you find difficulty in executing this tweak or if it’s not resolving the error, then avail online tech support services and get rid of the issue instantly.

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