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Computer Support Tips to Fix “0x80041003” Windows Blue Screen Error


It is frustrating when your computer screen turns blue and stops responding to keyboard and mouse inputs. It gets very difficult to find solution in such a scenario. You can’t even go online and find the resolution of the problem. “0x80041003” error is one of the blue screen errors that might appear on your computer screen at any point of time. If you are facing the same error on your Windows screen, then this article will help you to know more about this error and provide you helpful guidelines to fix the problem.

Causes of the Error

  1. You might face the issue if the ‘WMI’ filter gets accessed without sufficient permission.
  2. Corrupt operating system files can lead to the problem.
  3. Windows will show you the error if you have excessive startup entries.
  4. Incorrect registry files might show you the error.


Troubleshooting Method One

Run a script and stop the Event ID 10 messages.

You have to run a script to stop the Event ID 10 messages to fix the problem. You can easily fix the error “0x80041003” with the help of this script. This script is easily available on the ‘Microsoft’ official website.

Read the following guidelines. It will help you to run the script:

  1. Start your computer.
  2. Go on the web and look for ‘Microsoft’ official website.
  3. Type the error code to find the script.
  4. Open a new notepad and copy the following to it.
  5. “strComputer = “.”
  6. Set objWMIService = GetObject(“wingnuts:” _…… obj1elem.Delete_”
  7. Save the notepad text as ‘Workaround.vbs.’
  8. Now close the ‘Notepad’ completely.
  9. Go to the ‘Start’ button.
  10. Type ‘Command Prompt’ in the search box.
  11. Now you have to right-click on ‘Command Prompt.’
  12. Choose the option run as ‘Administrator.’
  13. Change the directory that is containing workaround.vbs: (Example CD c:\users\%username%)
  14. Now run ‘cscript workaround.vbs.’

Restart your computer and check whether the error got fixed or not. If the issue still prevails, then it might be possible that you didn’t copy the script correctly or their might another issue with your Windows. In this case, it’s better you should contact reputed computer support companies for further online technical support. If you are an advanced computer user and want to fix the problem on your own, then follow the second troubleshooting method to fix the issue.

Troubleshooting Method Two:

Use ‘Fix It’ utility tool to fix the problem.

‘Fix It’ is the utility tool from ‘Microsoft’ that will help you to fix the problem with the error codes that you are facing on your computer screen. ‘Fix it for me’ utility tool is the one of the easiest ways to fix errors. You can simply go online and visit ‘Microsoft’ official website and download the utility with the help of error code and run it on your machine with the help of available guidelines to fix the problem.

Refer the below guidelines to download the’ Fix it for me’ utility:

  1. Go online and visit ‘Microsoft’ official website.
  2. Look for the download center.
  3. Type the error code (“0x80041003”) in the search box.
  4. Press ‘Enter’ from the keyboard.
  5. Windows will show you the list of knowledge base articles.
  6. Find the article that is related your system problem.
  7. Click the ‘Download button.’
  8. Now click on ‘Run’ to install the utility.
  9. Then click on ‘Scan’ button after complete installation.
  10. Utility will scan your device completely.
  11. Click on the ‘Fix Errors’ tab after the complete scan.
  12. Restart your device.

Check to ensure if the problem got resolved or not. If it’s not fixed, then it might be possible that your Windows services have got changed due to recent Windows or software updates. In this case, System restore will be one of the easiest things that you can choose to fix the issue.

System Restore will allow you to undo all the recent changes to your operating system files that might have caused the problem. It will not affect any of your personal files, folders, photos or documents. If you are an advanced computer user, then you can do a system restore on your own otherwise you should contact online technical support for advanced tech support.


“0x80041003’’ blue screen error is one of the most complex problems, and it is a very difficult task to fix such issue. Windows will show you the error due to multiple reasons. If you are unable to fix the problem with the help of above guidelines, then it’s advisable you can contact online computer support for further tech support.

Computer Support Tips to Fix “0x80041003” Windows Blue Screen Error
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