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Computer Support Tips to Troubleshoot “Server Execution Failed” Error on Chrome

Many a time you may get panic due to some unforeseen PC damages and system errors that occur on your device. It is true that availing IT solutions are becoming easier day by day, but computer support firms often charge heavy repair bills to fix your PC troubles. Read below to know some of the quick fixes to repair “Server Execution Failed” error, occurring on Windows PC having Chrome installed on it.

You might have seen that PC technicians often recommend users to install the latest updates for their web browsers. All these updates are not only meant for security purposes, but also for ensuring smooth web browsing experience. An outdated online browser may experience numerous errors, resulting in causing severe damages to the PC parts. If you install the latest software and driver updates on your system, then you can combat at least 50 percent of the tech issues before they occur. The “Server Execution Failed” error on Chrome is quite common, and it will not put a serious impact on your device’s performance.

Read the article to know how online support techies can fix the same:

About the Error Code

A corrupt Windows system is the main reason for the occurrence of the “Server Execution Failed” error and other critical errors. The error code can impact your computing operations and result in slowing down the application load time. Additionally, you may also experience that the response time will start lagging. If you’re a multitasking professional, then you may experience great difficulty while managing multiple applications running on your device. The occurrence of the error code often results in frequent crashes and freezes, putting additional impact on your computer parts. PC technicians claim that there are numerous causes of this error like registry errors, excessive startup entries, hardware/RAM decline, fragmented files, and other related issues.

Some of the Common Reasons for the Occurrence of the Error

• Existence of malware, spyware, and other malicious programs
• Programs didn’t get installed properly
• System conflicts
• Registry errors
• Active X errors
• Application files are interfering with your PCs functions.

What Problems You May Face When the Error Occurs?

If you’ve successfully installed Google Chrome on your device, then you can see the application’s icon on your Taskbar. You can easily left-click the icon to launch the application, but if your device experiences the error you end up doing nothing. Computer support technicians offer a workaround to the problem by simply following the right-click approach to successfully open Chrome. You can click the ‘New Window’ or ‘New Incognito Window’ option, under ‘Tasks’ section to launch your web browser.

If you’re facing issues with the Taskbar, then the problem may also occur while accessing the Chrome’s desktop icon. Constant observation of the Task Manager can reveal that the ‘delegate_execute.exe’ runs for a few seconds and gets closed automatically. Creating a new Chrome profile or reinstalling Chrome is not the only solutions available to resolve the error. You can attempt any of the following methods to fix the error without taking help of tech support expert:
Various IT Solutions Available to Resolve the Error Code

Method 1: Install ‘Chrome Error Server Execution Failed Repair Tool.’

The repair tool can help you to improve the speed of your machine dramatically by addressing all the tech problems mentioned above. The utility is an advanced optimization tool that can detect and repair all the PC problems that are slowing you down. It can contribute towards fixing various error codes because it can easily locate, identify, and fix Chrome errors without requiring any expert tech help.

Downloading and installing this tool on your device can help in optimizing the stability and performance of your PC. It can locate and repair Windows errors, delete junk files, improve your system startup time, and restore lost memory to make your PC functional. You can browse the web, download the tool, and install it on your devices to resolve the error code efficiently.

Method2: Run Your PC as Administrator

1. Right-click the ‘Chrome’ icon in the Taskbar
2. Right-click the ‘Google Chrome’ option that appears in the menu
3. Left-click the ‘Properties’ option
4. Left-click the ‘Advanced’ option, located under ‘General’ tab
5. Checkmark the ‘Run as administrator’ option and click ‘OK’ twice to apply the changes
6. Check if the error gets resolved. If not, then follow the other tips.

Method3: Change System’s Compatibility

1. Right-click the ‘Chrome’ icon in the Taskbar
2. Right-click the ‘Google Chrome’ option that appears in the menu
3. Left-click the ‘Properties’ option
4. Left-click the ‘Compatibility’ tab
5. Checkmark the ‘Run as administrator’ option, located under ‘Privilege level’ section
6. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes and then check that if the error gets resolved.

Method4: Pin the Program

1. Right-click the ‘Chrome’ icon in the Taskbar
2. Left-click the ‘Unpin this program from taskbar’ option
3. Now, launch Chrome and right-click the icon again
4. Left-click the ‘Pin this program to taskbar.’
5. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes and check if the error gets resolved.

Method5: Use Command Prompt

1. Open the ‘Start’ menu and click the ‘Start’ button
2. Click the ‘All Programs’ option
3. Click the ‘Accessories’ option to see your Windows Accessories
4. Click the ‘Command Prompt’ button to launch it
5. Type the “cd C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication(version number)Installer
setup.exe –rename-chrome-exe” in the Command Prompt
6. Wait patiently until the changes get applied
7. Now, close the Command Prompt using the ‘X’ button and restart your device
8. Scan your Taskbar and check if the error gets resolved.


The error code may occur due to plenty of reasons, but you will need to check the exact cause for its occurrence to apply the correct troubleshooting strategy. A computer support professional will ask numerous questions about the error behavior to know the cause of the issues, before applying any PC troubleshooting tip. PC technicians are experts in offering diversified IT solutions, but it may cost you a few dollars to get your PC fixed online. It is necessary to avail such services if you are unable to get rid of the error and doesn’t want to cause any further damage to the PC parts.

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