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Computer Support to Troubleshoot 0x00000116 Windows Error: A Step-by-Step Guide

The 0x00000116 Windows error is a common problem among Windows users. This problem can spell doom to your computer’s efficiency. Perhaps you have experienced unexpected computer shutdown or sudden restarting. 0x00000116 Windows error is responsible for such unexpected misahps. Resolving this error is quite easy. Before we get into the procedure of resolving the problem that comes with 0x00000116, it is prudent to look at its possible causes first.

Causes Behind the 0x00000116 Error

• Missing drivers from your computer.

• Outdated drivers

• Virus infection

• Corrupted registry keys.

• Installation of new software/hardware to the computer.

It may damage your system and lead to unexpected computer crashes. You should never risk damaging your system. It is therefore recommended to resolve the issue before things take the wrong direction. Let’s have a look at the steps that you should follow to have your problems sorted.

Resolution Method

Step One

First of all, go to the windows update and download the missing drivers for your computer. Install the downloaded drivers and updates.

Step Two

In case, you suspect that your computer has a virus, click the antivirus icon on your computer to open it. Click the “Scan” button to check the viruses. Your antivirus must stay updated before using it.

Step Three

Visit you computer hard disk icon and check for any hard disk errors that may be available. To do this, right-click on the hard disk section that you want to check and go to its properties. Click the “Tools” button and then click the “check button.” To fix the problems found, choose the “Automatically fix file system errors.

Step Four

Check whether your computer has memory issues. To do this, run the memory diagnostics tool. If you realize any problems, consider contacting the manufacturer of your computer to help fix those issues. Your computer manufacturer will reach you through the technical support.

Step Five

Inspect your AC/adapter or the power supply to your video card for laptops and desktops respectively. The BSOD can result from insufficient power supply system.

Step Six

Check the clock values to see whether the system gets overclocked.

Step Seven

When your computer loads, select the “start button” and write “misconfig” on the search bar. Navigate to the “startup” tab to ensure that all the services are disabled. On the services tab marks “hide all Microsoft service” and disable all services. Click the “Apply” button and command your computer to restart. Re-enable one service after another until you get the one that causes the error.

Step Eight

On the device manager, click the “power management” tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off.”

Step Nine

Start the diagnostic run and inspect the system basic input output system. Remember to install the necessary updates. You should also update the video card and the wireless drivers.

Step Ten

Set the virtual memory between 2048MB and 4096MB. The memory should also be changed from automatic to manual management. That is all!

Benefits of Resolving the Issue

• To prevent unexpected windows shutdown and restarting. You computer will display a message that reads “windows have been shut to prevent any damage to your computer.” Resolving the “0x00000116′ Windows Error online will ensure that your computer does not switch off.

• Troubleshooting the problems will detect the hardware and software problems that may be causing the problems, and you will know which programs to uninstall.

• Resolving the issues prevents your computer from crashing and affecting your important files. You should be aware that if the problems are left unsolved, your computer may get damaged completely.

Role of Computer Support in Resolving “0x00000116′ Windows Error Online

Computer technical support allows users to solve problems online through the email and their websites. You computer manufacturer may offer the services for free. The manufacturers have an internal expert support that is available for any computer related problems. You may seem excited to take advantage of these free services to have your problems resolved.


Your computer is an important and valuable investment that should be taken care of at all times. And if you detect that your computer has “0x00000116′ Windows error, you should look for ways of solving the problems to prevent any impending harm to your computer. This step-by-step guide will help you resolve the issues if they get followed to the latter. Seeking computer tech support can also be an alternative but this guide is not different from what the technician will explain. Don’t die with your problems. Open up!

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