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Computer Support to Troubleshoot Error Code – 0x00000116 on a Windows PC

None of us can deny the success of the Microsoft operating systems. It is popular enough though the system cannot warranty its infallibility since they are all applications that can easily develop snags. The producing company always works hard to release new updates so that everyone can use the operating system comfortably. Sometimes you may face errors with the windows. One of the common errors is STOP 0x000000116.

When this error occurs, it can make your Windows crash constantly. It will make an individual end up without completing what he or she intended to do. Do not worry more, online computer support or PC technician are there for you to avail all the multiple options of computer repair and troubleshooting. They will allow you to get rid of the error within a few minutes.

Know More About the 0x00000116 Error

It mostly affects the Windows 7 PC. So the users of Windows 7 PCs should be sure that they may confront the error any minute. Perhaps, it is just a stop error just like other Windows errors. It shows different symptoms as well as consequences. If you updated your video/display or any other major driver in the computer recently, then be sure you are prone to this error.

Symptoms of the Error

It will not take you a lot of time to realize the STOP error. As soon as, your computer gets attacked by the error, a message stating it will display on the screen. Immediately after the error occurs, your PC is going to crash repeatedly and display a blue screen with an error message. It is going to prevent you from undertaking any activity using your computer. You may face this error even if you have not plugged in any external media, updated or installed any software on your computer. As per the users of Windows 7, who have faced the error booting of the PC using a recovery disk cannot be a solution to this problem.

How to Successfully Stop and Troubleshoot the Error

It is the most important component of this article. It tells us all on the resolution of the STOP error. Before deciding to contact an expert on troubleshooting you need to try some basic troubleshooting steps. You can try restarting your PC, remove temporary and junk folders and files, and limit all start-up application. You then remove the external hardware’s and check if the tips are working. If they fail to work then follow the following three steps;


Check the ATI Driver

Here you need to make sure that you are using the most recent and updated ATI graphics driver. It is important because inappropriate and outdated ATI driver may be the main culprit behind the stop error. To get the most appropriate and compatible drivers, you can refer to OEM website where you will find the updated and the latest driver for your computer.


Check Out for Recently Updated Video/Display Driver

If you have recently updated the video/display drivers then you need to check them since they can cause the error. To verify the status of updated drivers you need to navigate through the following START MENU-CONTROL PANEL- WINDOWS UPDATES. These steps will help you check if the drivers were properly updated or not.


CHECK ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM Inactive or outdated antivirus program on your computer is one of the potent reason behind STOP errors. You need to check constantly the status of the antivirus program. Research shows that malware or virus infection causes the 0x000000116 error. Viruses or malware coming alongside downloaded file cause the error. Always keep the Antivirus updated.
Benefits and Role of Computer Support in Resolving the Error
Following are some of the benefits of computer support in resolving the error.

• Helps in fixing a problem before opting to run to a technician. It can get achieved through the online tech support.
• Cost advantage.
• Save on dollar that could be used when you visit the experts.
• One can avail service in a simple and convenient manner.
• Helps to minimize the questions that the technician may ask you.
• Makes an individual to familiarize with the troubleshooting manual.
• One familiarizes with the problems.
• Equips one with the basic tips on how to deal with a computer.


The tips mentioned above are crucial and effective. They can bring favorable results. If you are not in a position of resolving the problem, then know that there is a complex error that you are not able to identify. Do not hesitate and call a tech support service provider for the required computer support. The PC technician offering the online support will help you appropriately. Engaging professionals for quicker troubleshooting is an ideal way of computer maintenance.

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