Computer Support: Windows 8 Command Prompt Error ‘The Requested Operation Requires Elevation’

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Power users apply commands for performing various Windows operations. But Command Prompt errors such as “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” are disturbing. In this article, you will learn some technical support tips to resolve this error.

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For many computer users such as tech professionals, computer engineers/students and many others, the Command Prompt is an essential utility that gets extensively used for running various Windows commands. Many times, the utility is also helpful in troubleshooting tech issues and executing various Windows operation. Using the Command Prompt, you can learn a lot about your machine such as its OS version, available RAM, OS installed language, etc.

The Need to Use the Command Prompt

Here is one explanatory scenario describing the use of the Command Prompt for an average computer user.

When Windows 8.1 Preview got launched, the English (US) OS version got launched prior to the English (UK) version. Thus, those who were willing to update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Preview, should have chosen English (US) OS language. But users, who selected English (UK) OS language version, had to wait little longer to get the update. And users, who tried getting the Windows 8.1 update before the release of the UK OS language version, certainly had failed. The simple solution for this scenario was to know the OS installed language and then change it accordingly.

To know the language of the OS installed there is a command “dism /online /get-intl ” that you need to run on the Command Prompt. Likewise, there are commands for everything that is possible being done to a computer.

Command Prompt Errors

A utility as useful as Command Prompt, sometimes troubles its users with its operational errors. “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” is one such error that restricts the user from running the commands and, as a result, the requested operation doesn’t get executed.
For instance, the command “dism /online /get-intl ” is executable only if you run it on the Elevated Command Prompt. Elevated Command Prompt is the one that has administrative privileges. If you don’t run this command as Administrator, then you will get the “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” error.

If you too are worried on confronting this error while attempting to run certain commands on the Command Prompt of Windows 8, then in this article you can learn the computer support troubleshooting tips for resolving this error.

The Cause

The error occurs when you try to run a command without the right permissions. As mentioned above, certain commands require the administrative privileges. Thus, while executing these commands, you need to ‘Run as Administrator,’ and if you run as a usual computer user, then you will get the permission errors.

Computer Support Troubleshooting Tip#1

The foremost and the most appropriate technical support tip for resolving this error is ‘Run as Administrator.’ For that, you need to perform the following steps:

• Go to the lower-left corner of the screen
• Right-click on the Start button
• From the Power User menu, select the Command Prompt (Admin)
• Click on “Yes,” when the prompt for the permission appears

That will open the ‘The Administrator: Command Prompt’ window, known as the Elevated Command Prompt. Here, you can execute all types of commands, one that needs administrative privileges and also the one that doesn’t need those privileges.

Computer Support Troubleshooting Tip#2

Running as the administrator is not the only solution. If you wish, then you can configure your Windows not to ask for an Administrative right. There is a Windows feature called User Account Control that distinguishes an Administrator from a normal user. UAC is accountable for displaying the “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” error message when you don’t have the right permissions to run a command. Thus, if you can successfully turn off UAC, then your Windows will not display the permission error messages as it will no more be able to distinguish between a common user and an Administrator. However, for security reasons, it is perpetually advisable to keep the UAC turned on. Still if you are willing to learn how to turn off UAC, here are the steps:

• On the keyboard, press Windows ‘Key+X’
• That will bring up the ‘Tools Menu.’
• Select ‘Control Panel.’
• That will open the ‘Control Panel’ window
• Here, type UAC in the search field
• In the search results, click ‘Change User Account Control settings.’
• Drag the slider down to ‘Never notify.’
• And then click ‘OK.’
• That will turn off the UAC
• If you want to turn UAC on, then drag the slider up to your desired level of security
• And then click ‘OK.’


Thus, if you are looking for the online tech support tips to resolve the permission error of Windows 8 Command Prompt, then you have two options. First, get the right permissions by running the requested command as Administrator. Second, turn off the UAC so that you get no permission error at all. However, turning off the UAC is not a good idea from the security perspective.

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