Concealed Handgun License Requirements Texas

As a citizen of the state of Texas you will most likely qualify for a concealed handgun license if you are a law abiding citizen. Because of the sensitive nature of concealed firearms you will be required to take a safety course which you will need to show proof of before you can get your CHL in Austin TX. You should know the requirements before you go in for the course because if you do not meet the requirements the course will be useless Residence To be eligible for your CHL in Austin TX you need to establish a place of residence. That means that you will have to have lived in the state for a minimum of six months and have the paperwork to prove it. You can prove residence by using a utility bill, a rental agreement or home purchase paperwork. This will meet the official requirements to prove where you live. Keep in mind that your ID’s such as driver’s license should have the same address as the paperwork you are presenting to get your license. If it doesn’t then there may be a delay to an already lengthy process. Good Standing A person applying for a CHL in Austin TX should also be in good standing with the law. Good standing means at least ten years without a felony. A person who is currently charged with a crime (Class A or B misdemeanors included) cannot get a concealed handgun license under any circumstances. A person will not be able to get their license if they are currently a fugitive for a misdemeanor or a felony. Some people like those convicted of a violent crime will never be eligible for a concealed weapon license. Age And Identification You will also be required to present proper government issued identification. The ID’s that qualify are your driver’s license, learner’s permit, state ID, social security card and passport. There is also an age requirement to legally obtain your CHL in Austin Texas; the applicant cannot be under 21 years of age and qualify for a concealed handgun license in the state of Texas. Most of the ID’s provided will serve as proof of age except for your social security card. Range As a part of your gun safety class you will be required to pass a range test which includes the firing of several rounds. You will be required to hit a target consistently and from different distances. The shots are timed to determine the speed of the firing. A person who is familiar with guns should have no problem with the range test, but it does help to practice if this will be your first time. Remember that these gun laws are in the books so that the wrong people do not obtain guns, and law abiding citizens can protect themselves.