News Concrete Benefits of a Custom Swimming Pool

Concrete Benefits of a Custom Swimming Pool


A custom-designed swimming pool may seem like something only the wealthy can afford. But designing your own pool is surprisingly in-reach. Designing your own concrete, in-ground pool is the perfect option for many yards, and in presents home owners with a variety of benefits. A custom-pool may give you the flexibility you need to keep your pool within the budget you have. Here are the reasons an in-ground concrete pool may be the right decision for you and your yard.

Concrete Benefits of a Custom Swimming Pool
In-ground swimming pool installation gives you 3 main options: fiberglass, vinyl and concrete. All have benefits and all have their short-comings. While any of the options may be right for a particular yard, concrete in-ground pools a unique set of characteristics that give concrete pool construction flexibility that some home-owners may find appealing.

Concrete is on the Level (or not)

If you have a sloping yard, you can feel deprived of enjoying it. You may feel like there’s nothing you can do with a sloping yard, but you have many options when you begin to look at putting in a concrete pool. Concrete in-ground swimming pools can be built into slopes, so you can design the perfect custom pool in a less than perfect yard.,

Concrete is Flexible

It helps to have design materials that are flexible. Yards can be oddly shaped and small, and still be able to benefit from a concrete in-ground pool. With concrete pools, you have maximum flexibility in the shape of your pool and the size. Fiberglass pools come in a variety of designs, but you can’t customize them to suit your needs. Concrete lets you design the perfect pool for the area you have.

Curved Concrete

Concrete may make you think of something that is straight and flat. However, designed in-ground concrete pools aren’t limited to straight edges. Concrete in-ground swimming pools can have a curved exterior or a mixture of straight and curved elements. You can design a pool in any shape you can imagine. But more importantly, you can design a pool that is perfectly shaped for your yard.

Step This Way

In designing a custom concrete pool, you control where to put steps or ladders. Again, this flexibility multiplies your possibilities in small yards, uniquely shaped yard, and sloped yards. Consider the flow of your yard, placing that have a lot of traffic, and where people are entering your yard (gate, house, etc.) should all be considered when deciding where to put steps In a custom designed concrete pool.

Concrete Will Stay Put

In choosing a pool to install, you should consider how long different types of pools, or different aspects of a pool, will hold up over time. No pool will last forever, but concrete compares favorably with other options. Individual pools vary, but you can get an idea of how long your pool will last:

• Fiberglass pools are typically warranted for 30 years, so you can predict it will probably need repairs sometimes after 30 years.
• Vinyl inground swimming pools are commonly guaranteed for 25 years.
• A custom-designed in-ground concrete pool is usually expected to last 50 years.

Taking Care of Concrete

In-ground pools that aren’t made of concrete will probably require the pool liner to be repaired or replaced. Concrete inground swimming pools won’t need a liner replacement. Instead a concrete in-ground pool’s waterproof plaster coating will need to be redone. Assure you understand what routine maintenance is required for a pool year-round, and consider if you’ll be covering the pool in cold weather. In addition to periodic maintenance, a pool will also require daily care.

Concrete Benefits of a Custom Swimming Pool
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