Confidence is the key factor to every success in life

You wouldn't be able to achieve something without this.

Life changes time to time, years to years, decades to decades. Comparing the culture from the 90’s, it was more peaceful that time compare to now. Not much judging from people by their looks, no generalizing people nor classifying them rich or poor. Most of the people that time has an open heart to talk to anyone whether or not if you’re rich or poor or ugly or beautiful. Sadly unlike today, beauty is a necessity to everyone. I don’t disagree with that, in fact, I do admit everyone loves being the one getting attentions, it’s in our nature. No one wants to get left out or ignore but all these has taken up to seriously to the point where those people who they classified “ugly” are left out. As in literally do not want to talk with them just by looking at their face! This society nowadays has been a lot crueller than you think. One of the most obvious place to look at is school. All those “popular” kids in school that you see and experience are mostly with the most good looking face that you have ever look in the entire school. They are so well-known that even other schools around the state knows them! It’s like instant local “paparazzi”!

Back in the 90’s these “popular” kids do exist too! But rarely in terms of beauty. Instead it is all about the brain! The smarter you are, the popular you are around your neighbourhood or schools. Now, all these smart and bright kids are less likely to be notice even though they are one of the top students in school. Yes, image is indeed important because it helps you to get more connections with people around that could help you in the future but if image>knowledge, it gets you nowhere. Perhaps at school and university could get you all the fame and social experience but when it comes to working life, knowledge>image. Unless of course if your boss is basically a pervert then it is another story. Now what about those bright smart kids? Well for one reason I know, most of them have this typical type of style that is easily to distinguish. SHYNESS. Because they studied and do research every day, they do not have time for social life. This is why most of them have friends that uses them as tool to get work done!

From what I know, if you’re a smart kid but is too afraid to make friends or talk to people around you, it would not get u any higher in working life but if you plan to live in an ordinary life then perhaps you could. The more connections with people u have, the higher the chance to live a richer and successful business. All these excluding those inventors! By the end of the day, what could help you achieve in something is CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the key to everything that you need in completing your life. It is a MUST to be confident in what you are doing before someone tries to stop or step on you. Regardless if you’re ugly, pretty, rich or poor, being confidence overcome all problems and could gain you respect from others. It proves that you could do something that others can’t and also able to get something that you want.

Confidence is an important characteristic in your life! The moment you lose your confidence; that is when you know you going to fall or lose something. Confidence applies to everything in life, from business to sports category. Without it, I don’t think people would give enough respect or acknowledge who you are. People just need to apply this in their daily life so that it could retain their dignity.

To summarise everything above, confidence is the factor to succeed in life. There’s no point in doing something without putting any confidence on your own work. The idea of the work could one day change something but lack of confidence could change everything before it ever happen. We must always believe and trust in ourselves before we could trust anyone.