News Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine

Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine


A few weeks ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to condemn Russia for their actions in Ukraine among other things. This bill was very extreme being just short of a declaration of war against Russia, yet it still passed with only ten votes against it. Russia’s State run media suggested that the bill’s passage in itself was one step closer to war between Russia and the United States. This bill was named H.R. 758, it received very little media attention despite the fact that it could indeed escalate the conflict between the US and Russia to levels not seen since the cold war. It was intended to be put before the Senate in the next session, when the Republican party had gained control.

Things have apparently changed since the Senate passed Senate Bill 2828, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act. Again, mainstream media has not reported this so far. In fact, I had to get much of my news about this from other countries, which furthermore supports the fact that we are in a media blackout. Of course, considering that the vote just happened a few hours ago along with yet another budget crisis to overshadow our headlines, it is really no wonder. Then again, it’s possible the bill’s passage may not make headlines for several weeks when we consider how long it took for House Bill 758 to be brought to the public’s attention. Though it would seem that actions such as this should be brought to our attention, for the sake of preparation of war if nothing else, it hasn’t been, nor do I expect today’s events to make news as either. I can’t say that nobody reported it, The Hill did so, but made no mention of the bill’s text which includes providing arms to ukraine.

Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine

Moments after news was heard that S.2828 had passed, Ukrainians began encouraging Americans to contact their representatives in hopes that the House would pass HR 5782, the House equivalent of S2828. Considering the media was not focusing on this, and the fact that congress was about to adjourn for the holidays, I had little hope it would pass the House. However, it wasn’t until 2 A.M. That I started seeing twitter posts on the subject. According to those posts, a separate but identical bill did in fact pass the House of Representatives under the bill number H5859. I’m not clear on how things work on this level, but it stands to reason that Congress can change a bill number at the last minute. Nevertheless, if this is accurate, the Senate and the House both passed the Ukraine Freedom Support Act. The act, among many things, will introduce news sanctions on Russia and provide more aid to Ukraine, including lethal military support.

Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine

The question on everyone’s mind now, is will the President sign it? So far he has objected to providing any type of lethal aid to Ukraine. Though the official numbers are not in since it takes the Library of Congress to update their Website, word has it that the bill passed the senate unanimously. Also taking into consideration that a far more extreme bill passed the house not long ago with only ten votes against, it’s possible that H5859 also came close to passing with a similar margin. If this turns out to be true, then it may be that Congress has enough votes to over ride a potential Presidential veto, and force Obama to act accordingly.

Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine

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With all this being said, then it is possible that United States will in fact be arming Ukraine. Whether this becomes a proxy war, or world war 3 is still in question. Russia acted in haste when it came to the passing of H.R. 758, so we can only assume the same or more when it comes to all of congress passing similar legislation that can possibly over ride President Obama’s decision to counter. I do wonder what may happen when a Ukrainian soldier, trained by the United States, kills a Russian troop with an American bullet. Granted, Putin states that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, but this tone may change over the next few weeks once Russia is forced to take a bolder stance in Ukraine and against NATO.

Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine

Clause from both House and Senate Bills

I want to help Ukrainians, but I also cannot ignore the fact that this series of events can lead up to the next world war. Nevertheless, it would appear that the choices have been made, and the United States will be arming Ukraine. If history is any indication, then Russian aggression can only be stopped with a show of force, such is what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, Putin has already demonstrated that he’s willing to let his country suffer economically in order for his to stay his present course. Question is, how far is he willing to take it? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, Ukrainians are thrilled that these bills have passed, with good reason to be.

Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine

This really should be headline news, but it isn’t. That fact in itself, worries me to the point of writing this article so others can at least see what events may be taking place right under our own noses.

Congress Votes to Arm Ukraine
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