News Consider A Food Career: Find Food Jobs In Washington

Consider A Food Career: Find Food Jobs In Washington


Despite our economy taking a downturn, there is no shortage of WA food jobs & employment, especially in Seattle, home to many of the finest dining establishments in the state. Grill and steakhouses, coffee shops, restaurants, fast food outlets and food and beverage manufacturing establishments are looking for professionals to fill in the ranks, from servers to suppliers. If you are looking for a career that promises advancement opportunities, why not consider a career in the food and beverage sector?

Why Consider A Career In The Food Industry?

Is there a career in food and beverages in a city like Seattle that is fast becoming a technological hub? You bet. Seattle is a city with a great obsession for food. Moreover, the state itself is the second largest wine producer in the country. The Pacific Northwest is well-known for their cuisine and its culinary scene has a big market, noting the diversity of the cultures and food business expansion in the region.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider applying for food jobs in Washington?
• The food and beverage industries employ a significant percentage of the state’s labor force. Thousands of people work in food-related businesses including retail stores, hospitality and manufacturing.
• Washington is one of the leading agricultural states in the country. It leads the country in the production and harvest of essential crops including raspberries, apples, peppermint oil, lentils, peas, asparagus, sweet corn and wheat. Surely the farms are a large employment sector.
• Considering a career in wine? Washington is one of the major wine producers in the country. You can find a job here as a vineyard worker, wine consultant or supplier. You can also put up your own wine business.
• Despite a 7% unemployment rate, the state still managed to retain thousands of jobs and regained thousands more which are lost during the recession.
• Many food establishments in and out of Seattle are looking for more people help run business operations or expand business in other locations. Many of these establishments post job openings on their websites and encourage individuals to be part of their team. Available Food Jobs in Seattle, WA include line cooks, servers and dishwashers.

Employment in the state’s food industry would not be abounding if not for its people who have a rich food scene to keep. Even the recession cannot ruin the Washingtonians’ appetite.

Few Tips To Apply For Food Jobs

Here are a few tips when applying for food jobs in Seattle, WA and elsewhere in the state:

• Browse online for positions – Many food establishments post available positions on their websites so why not browse them thoroughly? You can also browse at job directories. There should be a position for you even at entry level positions.
• Flip the classified ads – Food and beverage companies still list job openings in many major broadsheets so why not check them out too?
• Visit establishments – Sometimes you will never know if there are jobs available unless you visit the site. Take the time to visit a number of food and beverage establishments and check their bulletin or approach the HR. Dress appropriately and don’t forget your cover letter and resume.
• Visit a nearby better business bureau – Check out your local business bureau or commerce board to get a list of accredited food and beverage business. Take note of address details, browse their websites or visit their establishments.

May these tips help you find the right food job! The WA food jobs & employment sector will always employ more people to help keep the food and beverage industry running.

Jonathan Weaver would like a drink after a hard day’s work writing about food jobs in Seattle WA and other major cities across North America on various social media platforms. A degree in language helps him understand the yearning of his stomach and his love of traveling allows him to sample a few dishes and drinks on the way.

Consider A Food Career: Find Food Jobs In Washington
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