Consider the Purchase of Quarter Sawn Oak Kitchen Cabinets – Get a Unique Look That Is Resilient

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen or installing a brand new one, considering the purchase of quarter sawn oak kitchen cabinets can be a consideration of a long term investment. Cabinets that are quarter sawn are very durable, have a long life span, and will simply give your kitchen that unique and personalized look that you crave. Don’t waste your money on cheap cabinets that you’ll have to replaced within 5 years – purchase your cabinets once and don’t ever need to purchase them again when you buy quarter sawn oak kitchen cabinets.

Why Are Quarter Sawn Oak Kitchen Cabinets Unique?

There are three ways one can cut up a log: by plain sawing, by quarter sawing, or by rift sawing. Quarter sawing, though more difficult than plain sawing, has two advantages. The first advantage of quarter sawing is that boards cut in this manner are much more resilient to warping because of moisture. That’s important in a kitchen cabinet, where on any given day the wood of the cabinets will be exposed to heat, cold, moisture, oils, and much more. You need a wood product that can withstand all these changes and still be able to keep it’s look through the years very consistently, and quarter sawn oak kitchen cabinets do just that.

And What’s the Other Advantage?

When you quarter saw wood, and especially when you quarter saw an oak tree, instead of getting those crazy, wavy pattern lines in the wood because of the growth rings, you get a much straighter line because you are cutting along the growth rings instead of through them. When the wood is greener, you also get unique, ribbon-like patterns throughout the wood as well. All of this leads to highly desirable wood that is able to take a beating when it comes to moisture and exposure, which is why having quarter sawn oak kitchen cabinets is highly desirable.

How Much Do Quarter Sawn Cabinets Cost?

If you are looking to have a custom remodeling job done, when it comes to the installation of quarter sawn oak kitchen cabinets, you are going to need to expect to shell out some dough. In fact, a custom installation is likely going to run you around $25,000. If you are simply looking for some various add on pieces are have a smaller kitchen, then you can expect to pay between $1,500 – $3,500 per individual cabinet piece. Sure it might cost a bit more than some of the cheaper cabinets that are out there, but these cabinets aren’t particle board and they’re going to last a lifetime – not to mention increase the value of your home.

So when it comes to your decision to remodel or install new kitchen cabinets, if you want a unique look that will be resilient to moisture, exposure, and all of the other things that a kitchen can bring, that will also increase your homes value and give you a sleek and modern look, then consider the purchase of quarter sawn oak kitchen cabinets.