Considerations before buying a DSLR camera

Do you have a plan to buy a new Digital SLR camera? Usually to develop the hobby of photography, you may not have been quite satisfied with the point to shoot camera or pocket-sized compact camera. When you make the choice to buy a DSLR camera, do not make the brand and type to be a major deciding factor. DSLR cameras are selected must be in accordance with your needs in terms of both ability and material that is not in vain.

The following are factors that usually become the deciding choice in buying a digital camera Single Lens Reflex (DSLR):

1. Needs
Ask yourself what you need to buy a DSLR camera, is it just a new hobby, to get a job to be part of the documentation, or expedite your job as a photographer. If your needs can still be met with a pocket camera you don’t have to buy a DSLR camera. Not only it will cause a hassle because you need to learn to master it, will also be burdensome because of the larger size, especially if you want to travel as far away as holiday abroad.

2. Price and budget.
How sophisticated camera of course we want to be in accordance budget we have. You can find the brand and type of DSLR camera in accordance with the price that you are targeting. Consider the numbers 6 and 7 tips for consideration.

3. Specification
If you’ve decided it should buy a DSLR camera, it means you are interested to explore the usefulness and advantages of the DSLR cameras no longer to simply shoot and snap. Do you need a camera with a higher speed because you want to take sport photos;it has great resolution because it will be printed with a large size, the higher the ISO rating for duty pictures of music concerts or stage shows and others.

4. Resolution
In a camera, a large mega pixel size does not guarantee the resulting picture would be great. If we only will often print out the images in post card size, the amount of mega pixels in compact cameras had to be sufficient. New large mega pixel size is needed if we should print in sizes larger than 60 cm x 40 cm. If you are a professional who often scored in the large size of cropping photos, then a camera with more resolution than 21 mega pixel camera can certainly be your choice.

5. Accessories
Any brand that sells DSLR cameras usually provides the need for complete DSLR camera. It becomes your choice to maximize your photography activity that also means requiring more budgets.Examples lens hood, camera bag, lens protector, cleaning kit, tripod, external flash, and others. You do not have to buy accessories from camera manufacturers because there are many famous brand accessories as well as newcomers to high quality, you can even buy it with a more reasonable price.

6. Future Needs
DSLR cameras are not like other technologies that can quickly disappeare as time flies such as when the transition from analog cameras to digital cameras. For that you should think whether you will use the camera to 5 or 6 years?

7. The choice between Body and Lens
There is a photographer who suggest for beginners not to use all of your money to buy an expensive camera, but it is better to choose the middle class to prepare money to buy good quality lenses are better than factory camera we wear or buy a lens from a third party lens manufacturer, for example, when you as the owner of the Canon or Nikon DSLR camera, it does not have to use the original lens from Canon or Nikon because you can get high quality lenses from Tamron or Sigma, but at lower prices. This also applies to other cameras such as Sony or others.

Through some of the tips above it would be easy for you now to make a decision. Remain cautious and if necessary, ask your friends who are experienced in photography to accompany you to choose a DSLR camera.