Constant Noise

The constant noise day and night was extracted from song performed by Kenny Chesney. The phrasing of this song is extremely simplistic yet to the point. He had been on this job for ten years and hated everyday of it; finally he takes a vacation with money he has saved over this period. While there he kept the same round the cloud process the company he worked for used, in essence he drank around the clock. Some would agree that he deserved this after ten years. Yet in this instance my opinion differs greatly.

The reason for this difference is when an indivual or group is subjected to noise constantly it eliminates the possibility of solving problems, either immediate or long range. It is difficult to entertain your internal dialogue. For instance a small pebble is in your shoe and it is irritating your toe, because you don’t hear your internal voice telling you to take off your shoe and take out the stone. You are focused on the upcoming break or lunch and continue to walk with the pebble in your shoe. Then at lunch or your regular scheduled break, you discover after taking off your shoe, now there is a blister. While your shoe is off your feet start to swell rapidly.

So rapidly, that you can’t put your shoe back on. Now you must request leave time to correct a problem your body was warning you about, but your fail to listen to the internal voice. The voice that is on its job day and night, 24/7 making sure you survive. The subconscious controls function you are unaware of and take for granted until they stop. Your subconscious is the equivalent to a magic lamp, similar to the magic lamp, it take some action on your part. Once the lamp is rubbed a genie appears and grants you several wishes. The subconscious will grant infinite wishes it the request is made.

The Bible indicates, “As a man thinketh so is he”, the true meaning for man is MIND. Here we have ancient evidence that the subconscious will produce what ever you believe. It does not argue as to whether it’s right or wrong it just acts on the information given. Whatever you want to be and to do just request it of your subconscious, and it will respond by connecting to the universal mind of infinite answer and fulfill your request. However, you can’t ask today and now nourish you wish. A simple example here will suffice; if you plant a seed in fertile ground and water it you expect it to produce. And the mind produces exactly what you expected. You, think your boss is going to fire you base on a conversation you overheard. You start to think of this constantly, guess what happens; you get fired. Not because your boss was going to fire you but inadvertently, you started to sabotage your own livelihood. So in conclusion each day should consist of some quiet time in the morning when you wakeup and at night before you go to bed. In the morning it will allow you to prepare for the days events and at night it will allow you place positive suggestions into your subconscious for successful living.