Construct a Useful Shipping Container House

A shipping container house can be a new way of getting a new house. It is amazingly quick and hassle free process. If you are looking forward to purchasing a new home, then you should opt for the shipping container. The shipping container already has walls, a floor and a roof. Most containers contain doors too. You need to create some windows and arrange the interiors, get the plumbing and electrical work done and have a home that is prepared to conquer. Each week, shipping containers are sold or auctioned off at several locations. The containers are not of any use as shipping containers but they are good to convert them into a storage units and homes.

Shipping Container House

  • How to Purchase Shipping Containers

Make sure that the containers that you have chosen to purchase are not damaged or rusted in any way. Put in your bid and purchase as many as you need. The number will definitely depend on the planned size of your house, your budget and the availability of the shipping containers in the configuration of your choice. Before you purchase them for your shipping container house, you should know that these are available in a variety of sizes. Some are good for living rooms and bedrooms, whereas the smaller ones can be transformed suitably into bathrooms and kitchen spaces. With the basic design of your home arranged, buying the mandatory size and amount of your containers is easy.

After purchasing the shipping container house, you should make suitable arrangement of transporting it. Try and get locally made containers so that they do not need to be transported across major distances that add to the cost. You will need a crane for having the containers in place at the vacant lot in which you are planning to make your home. Allow the crane to place the containers at the exact spot that is required for shifting the containers at the exact spot. The heavy moving equipment can help in transporting.

  • Setting Up Your Shipping Container House

You need to work for windows, adjusting the electrical work, flooring, plumbing and interiors. You might even need doing the insulation since the container itself is made of high quality metal that is a good conductor of electricity and heat. This is a precaution that you need to take into account with regards to container homes. It is also god to insulate your home against any sort of electrical shocks and short circuit related accidents.

The shipping container house can be a great choice for the environment as well as for you as it comes from recycled containers. Otherwise, those would have been disposed of in the landfills. It is also cheaper for you rather than having to build a home from scratch.

  • Benefits of shipping containers:

Modular construction of the shipping container house offers diverse benefits over traditional construction which includes accelerated construction schedule. Traditional construction calls for a foundation installation before the building can be erected. There are no such requirements with the shipping container homes. Once the home modules are delivered, the primary structure can be completed within days as opposed to the weeks in traditional construction. There are added benefits too such as:

-Reduced weather delays
– Theft
-Site vandalism
-Increased accuracy

Shipping containers make for great materials for a modular building project, but you need to undertake the project keeping that there are certain tradeoffs for you to take into account.
You and the designer needs to understand the building codes and discuss matters with the building authorities that will inspect and approve the final product.

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