Consult Your Vet and Apply Lime Sulfur Dip the Right Way to Treat Your Pet for Parasites

Being a pet owner can be a lot of work as well. It is not just cuddling up to your pets and spending time with them in parks and backyards. You need to make sure that your cat or dog is healthy, happy, and well protected from different types of parasites and other ailments. This is the reason why you would need to consult a vet once in a while.

However, there are instances when even after all your efforts, your dog or cat is found to be infected with parasites and dermatoses. In such an instance, your vet might recommend a lime sulfur dip for effective treatment. The idea is to make sure that your loved pet gets back to its normal way of life at the earliest .

This is a lime sulfur concentrate we are talking about here that can be used on cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies who are responsive to lime sulfur. Pet owners are better off taking the advice of the vets and also reading the directions of usage that comes with the lime sulfur dip to get best results. A good practice is to shake the bottle well before use and dilute the concentrate by mixing with water in the specified proportion. It is necessary to mix well after diluting the concentrate in water. Many a times, the amount of concentrate can be increased to deal with chronic or resistant cases.

While using a lime sulfur dip on your cat or dog, a good practice is to wear gloves to stay protected. You also would need to make sure that the dip is being applied to all the affected areas in your pet’s body. Consult with your vet to know how frequently you would need to use the dip. It is not a good practice to rinse or blow-dry the animal after application of the dip. Make sure that the animal is not ingesting the dip at any stage; you can restrict the movement of your pet by using a protective collar till the lime sulfur dip becomes dry.