Contact Center Companies in the Philippines: Why Outsource

The emergence of new technologies in communications has made way to more business outsourcing opportunities in the Philippines. The country has been a hub for foreign companies wanting to capitalize in the talents and skills of Filipino workers so they can cut cost. Multinational companies outsource to contact center companies in the Philippines for several reasons, including:

  • Language proficiency of Filipinos – Most people in the Philippines are good at speaking the English language. It is actually considered as the country’s second language and is taught in schools from early education. Most companies that outsource their business consider language proficiency as one of the most important factors for choosing an outsourcing company, since most of the tasks outsourced are contact solutions.
  • Filipinos’ adaptability – Filipinos can adapt well with different cultures and this attracts foreign businesses to hire them and work with them. “Pinoys,” as they are also usually called, are generally happy people. They are also hospitable and treat people with respect.
  • The learning ability of Filipinos – Pinoys are also fast-learners. They can learn process effectively and in no time. Most of the time, Filipino agents only need an average of one to two weeks of training before they start working on an account.
  • Productivity at work – Filipinos are generally hard workers. They can do tasks with ease without sacrificing quality. More importantly, they value their careers and view them as a way of providing for their families.
  • Outsourcing is a booming business in the country – As more and more foreign companies outsource their businesses in the Philippines, more and more BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) are being established in the country. Businesses have lots of options to choose from and there are several solutions for business support.

Contact center companies in the Philippines continue to gain momentum as more and more foreign businesses outsource their process in the country. As this trend continue, expect to see more and more investors and companies take advantage of its earning potential.