Content Guideline Updates Coming – Feedback Needed

Due to some Seekyt members actively submitting content that passes my initial inspections, and then republishing the same article on other sites, editing the Seekyt article to add backlinks, and essentially lowering the value of all of the articles, there are going to be some serious amendments to the content guidelines coming very soon. Although I have been checking to make sure that articles are written about an appropriate topic, and also checking to see that articles are not plagiarized, this alone is not enough to keep poor quality content off of this website. I am considering instantly deleting new content in the future that is too self-promotional, content that does not make sense or is written below a 1st grade level of grammar, and articles, regardless of how unique they are, that are obviously written for a backlink. For example, articles which begin with “Our web marketing firm has years of experience… click here to see what we can do for you,” or any similar structure explaining a specific business and asking the reader to leave, will probably be denied submission in the future. I created as a place for writers to earn money and have fun – an easier way to earn than starting your own website, a way to make connections with other writers, and more than anything, a cool place for people to share their knowledge, ideas, and creativity. Seekyt has never been intended to be an article directory – we are more like a large, multi-author blog. Currently, I do not have a true methodology for removing spammer accounts. While I do moderate everything a new member does, sometimes I allow 50 or more denied submissions before I ban the account. This is taking up precious time from those who deserve my attention the most: the writers who follow the rules. I am planning on implementing a system which will not allow ANYONE in the database to even register at Seekyt. I’m also considering banning accounts after two or three warnings. Finally, I’m considering forcing members to start verifying their email addresses, so that I can 100% confirm that the warning emails I’m sending out are actually going to the person. With all of this in mind, I would like some serious feedback from as many members as possible. What do you think that I should do to better moderate content at Seekyt? Do you think my ideas are going too far? Should I require more than 3 approved articles before allowing free submission? Maybe I should force everyone to check a box upon submission, agreeing that they are following our terms and guidelines. Whatever your ideas are, or if you think I’m taking this too far, let me know. It has always been my policy to base Seekyt’s policies around your feedback.