Content Removal Instructions


Seekyt owns the copyright to all articles and content submitted or created after 11/1/2015. If you submitted content before that date and would like to remove it, we will remove your verifiable content within 30 days of your submission by filling out the content removal form on this page.


  • Content Removal Procedures

  • Article Removal Policies and Procedures

    If you submitted an article prior to 11/1/2015, you may remove your content via this request form. Our technicians will review your request, verify your information and remove your content within 30 days.


    You must submit 1 form for each article removal request and provide a verifiable email address which we can contact you at for confirmation.

  • This must be a valid email address that you use for Contact Purposes. If we cannot authenticate that you are a real person with a real email address, your request will be voided.
  • Your address is required
  • This is required and helps us with our search
  • You must provide the complete URL of the article. This is the only method that we can use to find your original content.
  • cannot associate your articles with usernames. Our database does not have any legacy users and there are no database relationships between users and articles. Your prior username may help us speed up the process, identify original content creators, and help us associate a username with previous content.
  • Have you ever received any kind of compensation for this content including AdSense impressions sharing or affiliate compensation by any third party as the result of the exposure that the Seekyt platform provided for this content?
  • Do you claim that you are the original creator of this content and that you submitted this content, using credentials granted to you by or its administrators and that you are solely responsible for uploading or submitting this content to the website?