Continue..A Quick Look Into Anti-aging Botanical Pharmaceutical

Weeks ago, I told about some anti-aging herbs, such as Echinacea purpurea, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Green tea, Crataegus. I also introduced some of their unexpected yet very valuable properties. Today, I will tell you about more such herbs that could help you fighting against aging.

1. Conkers (horse chestnuts’ seeds)
Conkers are seeds of horse chestnuts, belonging to the genus Aesculus which comprises several species of trees native to the Northern Hemisphere. They are commonly used as food, forage and for alcohol production. In human and veterinary medicine, conkers are treatments for fever, haemorrhoids, astriction, induration of breast and breast cancer. Eating c

onkers can help improve the hygiene of oily skin. They also are used as additive in make-ups. These seeds are toxic due to the saponin in them. Alcohol extraction from conkers shows some pharmacodynamical abilities, such as hematolysis, anti-hydroncus and anti-inflammation, according to the experiment on foot-swelling mice model. The two most important active ingredients in conkers are esculin hydrate (one kind of derivatives of coumarin) and aescigenin (saponin). Aescigenin, with properties of anti-inflammation, is one kind of mixtures of triterpenoid saponin and are major activ

e ingredients of the seeds, branches, buds and leaves of horse chestnuts. Aescigenin could, in addition, depress the permeability of capillary vessels, prevent liquid from leaking out to cause inflammation. Conker extracts have antioxidants that are more effective than Vitamin E, and win the competition of clearing active oxygen among 65 kinds of plant extracts. Therefore, conker extracts could delay cells aging. Moreover, these extracts richly contain flavone compounds, such as meletin, campherol and derivatives. Meletin related compounds, one kind of strong antioxidants, can protect blood vessels. Conker extracts could help treating vein dysfunction and related symptoms. Aescigenin could be used as additive in medicines treating peripheral blood diseases and haemorrhoids, also in make-ups for improving aged skin.

2. Piper nigrum
Piper nigrum belongs to the family Piperaceae, and is cultivated for its fruit. It is normally dried and used as flavor. As not known to all, Piper nigrum could be used as calmative, muscle relaxant, anaesthetic, and could inhibit nervus centralis system, generate pleasant sensation, reduce fatigue, aim sleep. It may be all because Piper nigrum mainly contains pyranone derivatives, such as kavaine, methysticin and yangonin etc..

3. Garcinia mangostana
Garcinia mangostana is one kind of edible fruits and is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in Sunda Islands. Its peel extracts contain xanthones (mainly alpha-mangostin and gama- mangostin). These ingredients are nutrients that help plant to grow and show strong activity as antioxidant; the ingredients could also improve immunity of organism.

4. Maritime pine
Maritime pine is a hard, fast growing pine containing small seeds with large wings. Its bark contains a mixture of procyanidin called Pycnogenol, an effective antioxidant, which could protect liver from attacks from free radicals. As the main functions of liver of organism is to detoxcify poisonous substances, absorb nutrition and generate energy for body’s normal consumption. This gives the life activity more potential. It could prevent collagen protein from degenerating to rehabilitate capillary vessel’s strength, improve circulation of body. It’s a treatment for damage of capillary vessel due to skin aging.

5. Silybum
Silybum is a genus of two species of thistles and native to the Mediterranean regions splashes of white. Their fruits contain silymarin, a mixture of flavanolignan. It is a free radical scavenger which could protect liver. Some researches suggest that Silybum extracts could slow down the process of diabetic retinopathy, reduce the lipid peroxidation of cell membrane and insulin resistance. The extracts demonstrate their properties of restrain excessive secretion of endogenous insulin and absorption of exogenous insulin. They could also prevent DNA damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Next time, I will tell you about more about natural powerful antioxidants extracted from different herbs.