Controll your weight! the secret inside your mind!

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Overweight is a big problem all over the world. but what can we do?
Do you belive in a magic machine that could solve your problem?
The secret for change is in your mind! You are the miracle!

In 1998. Overweight became a sickness by World Health Organization.Why? because it increase the chance to get heart attack,diabetes etc…Every year 300000 people die just in America being overweight.Those who want to lose weight before,they know that it’s not just a biological formula.You have to change the state of your mind very seriously.People like to eat which is good,you have to eat and enjoy the food without any pressure! You don’t have to be nerves. First you have to think about what is your mind. How do you feel inside? Sometimes we try to sooth our emotional problems like stress, anxiety, family problems, with eating which is not good. Lot of people can’t stop because of their problems and they blame on everything. Don’t do it! Don’t blame on anybody even yourself! All you have to do is change your life slowly with some exercise and take care of your eating habits.Try to observe your balance.Usual problem that we don’t eat in the daytime just before sleep.You have to eat! All you need is a strong decision.Overweight is just a sign to make your life better.You have to be purposeful to begin change your life today!

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few tips: Eat more vegetables, cereals, fruits
-Don’t sterve! Don’t revoke any food just observe the balance!
-Don’t forget the breakfast it’s very important! cereals or High fiber fruits are really good to lose weight for example: Apple, pear, banana, blackberries, grapefruit, appricot
-When you do your exercise don’t think you burn calorie! Think that you doing something good for your health!
-You have to spend more time for yourself ,a lot of people think that it’s just time consuming to do some exercise or do something for your health and always try to find the easiest way to solve the problem which is not good!
You have to make a decision how do you want to live your life and if you want to change do it now!
-Don’t forget Everything begins with a thought!

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Controll your weight! the secret inside your mind!, Seekyt
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