Convert Your PSD to WordPress Effectively to Make Your Website More SEO Friendly?

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WordPress is a popular open source Content Management system and undoubtedly the best CMS for blogging. It was first launched as a blogging tool but steadily emerged as a preferred CMS. WordPress allows you to publish, manage, control and delete the content on your website. WordPress is cost effective and extremely affordable for small business firms as well. The world-wide popularity of WordPress has resulted in many developments, PSD to WordPress conversion is one of them. The conversion creates highly user-friendly and dynamic websites that are very lucrative in the online success of business. In addition, conversion from PSD to WordPress theme provides cross browser compatible and search engine friendly websites, which helps web designers and programmers to concentrate on particular tasks. The other advantages website owners can reap from PSD to WordPress are- on-time delivery, user-registration, hand-coded markup, quality of service and support, cost saving, better customer satisfaction, more efficiency and flexibility in revenue-producing activities. The process of PSD to WordPress is an effective solution to convert static PSD designs into WordPress theme.

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It is true to convert PSD to WordPress is time consuming and technically complex, it involves mixing of Photoshop files into WordPress format. For the best interest of your website and business it is advised to hire skilled programmers from a good web design company. The conversion makes your website more navigable and this feature calls more visitors. Given below are the steps involved in PSD to WordPress conversion process so that a search engine friendly WordPress website can be created.

1- The first step is analyzing the PSD format based file properly so that you can find out its level of complication. The step involves splitting of HTML and adding CSS codes, header and footer then images. This step may look mundane but it really helps to save your time in the final process.

2- The second step is the most important in PSD to HTML/WordPress conversion. Here you need to open the PSD file you want to slice in Photoshop or any other compatible software. Slicing of each and every part should be done very carefully and put them into separate layers. Once you are through with slicing, convert all the sliced components into bitmap, JPEG or GIF images. Since these images cannot be uploaded directly so, you need to code them in HTML and CSS.

3- Now convert PSD to HTML, which is the soul of all conversions and web development. While conversion you have to create wrapper div, header div and comment div for a dynamic WordPress site. Besides this, break the body, logo, website name and main image into own divs.

4- In the fourth step you have to work-on website structure and it is a must to create individual files. After this process, convert the static webpage into a dynamic WordPress theme.

5- The last step of testing is one of the important steps in PSD to WordPress theme conversion. Once the customization of WordPress template is done test the website thoroughly on all common web browsers to check its stability.

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Convert Your PSD to WordPress Effectively to Make Your Website More SEO Friendly?, Seekyt
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