Converting your loft into a Bedroom

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Many homes have an attic space that is just sitting there wasted. With a little consultation with the right people you can easily plan a use for this area, and among the most popular are bedroom spaces, either for guest bedrooms or for the master suite. One can save a significant sum in conversion of this area instead of building on an addition. The reclaimed area enhances the value of the home and gives more space for current lifestyles.

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Loft Conversion Specialists recommend a few best practices for maximizing loft conversion values. They recommend checking existing windows, considering skylights, use of innovative lighting solutions, and including built in storage areas as ways to reduce potential clutter. Here is a list of tips that can help you make the most of your space and create a lovely bedroom in your current loft.

Plan a small bath area as part of the loft conversion. It need not be a full unit, but a walk in shower, basin and toilet can provide the master suite or guest bedroom with a level of privacy and reduce the congestion on the morning at the main bathrooms that might be caused from the extra bedroom being used. Often times a bath can be snugged in under the eves and have build in storage that would occupy otherwise unused space.Loft Conversion Specialists

Make sure you include plenty of built in storage for clothing and wardrobe needs. The space is small anyway, so using built in storage removes the need for extra bulky dressers. Specialists suggest too that you do away with the full wardrobe idea and use open silver storage racks and shoji screens to provide dressing areas that are both easy to access and can be slid out of the way. The idea is to streamline what is in the room to keep the space open. Adding a stair up can also give extra storage if planned correctly.

Lighting can be accomplished through the use of skylights, dormer windows, and accent lighting. Keeping the walls a light but warm colour can help reflect the light to keep the space from being too dark, and adding suspended fans can help push the air back down where it will be more useful as well as lowering the level of light to a useful area.

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Converting your loft into a Bedroom, Seekyt
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