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Cool Art Projects For Kids


So I get to spend a lot of time with my kids throughout the week and that includes doing lots…and I do mean LOTS of art activities. Some of these activities they seem to really enjoy and others not so much. So here are a couple of cool art projects for kids, or at least kids like mine; boys, very boy and 5 and under.

One of my kids favorite crafts is also one of my favorites because it’s cheap and easy. We have a shoebox Rubbermaid that we keep scrap paper in. It has construction paper that we only used have the page, some tin foil, wrapping paper and the tissue paper from presents. I cut all of these pieces to roughly 2×2′ and put them in box. For the art project we pull out this box, some Elmer’s glue, scissors and a piece of paper. The kiddos then get to cut the pieces smaller and into all different shapes and then glue it onto there paper. My older sons will often do this for over an hour and usually fill two papers, my youngest usually lasts for about 20-30 minutes before he wants to do something else.

Now that summer is here we spend a lot more time out side, which means that we try to do most of our art projects outside on the driveway or in the yard. One that we just started doing this year and I can already see being a big favorite is ‘painting with water.’ I filled a bucket with water and then gave each kid a 3′ painter’s type paint brush and let them ‘paint’ the driveway. We did it mid morning when it wasn’t super hot, but warm so the water dried after about 10-15 minutes. The first time we did this the kids painted for over an hour and screamed when it was time to come in, however, now we usually do it for about 45 minutes before they seem to lose interest.

I’m not sure what this next one is called or even remember where I first got the idea, I remember they did it a bit differently then we do it but my kids love to do it this way. So you need coffee filters, markers (the dollar store ones work, but crayola does seem to create the coolest pictures,) q-tips or cotton balls and water in cups. First you color the coffee filters with the markers, usually I have the kids draw circles or lines, sometimes my kids like to squiggle or draw ‘bubbles’ on the filters, just keep in mind that you do NOT need to fill the entire filter, leave some white space. Once they are finished get the q-tips or cotton balls and dip them in the water. Then wipe water on the coffee filter. You can follow your lines to make the color spread evenly or you can just wipe water all over which will often seep colors together or squiggle water around the filter. However, in the end I’m sure your kids will do whatever they want with the water.

This last art project is really fun and the kids love it but my youngest really doesn’t get it yet so I usually only bring it out and do it when he is napping. First find a couple coloring pages that you really like and print them off. We usually do fruits, veggies, flowers, insects, ocean themes and we just did a sun. Then you as a parent will cut small squares of construction paper, I usually keep them 1/4-1/2 inch. Then instead of using crayons or markers to color the picture give your kids the small squares and some glue (sticks tend to be less messy but Elmer’s is far more fun:)). My oldest will usually use appropriate colors and create the coolest looking pictures. However, the couple of times my youngest has done it he just glues paper where-ever so it’s not so much a picture as a collage.

Cool Art Projects For Kids
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