Cool Teaching Toys for Toddlers – Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

Music soothes the savage beast – even when that beast is a toddler. But regardless of whether your child needs soothing or not, the Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano may be an ideal gift choice.

Baby Einstein seems to be another one of those companies carving a very comfortable niche for itself in what might be categorized as “fun teaching” or “fun learning” products. Basically, the company seems to be turning out products that both teach and are fun. The Count and Compose Piano (shown below) would seemingly fall squarely into that arena.

The Count and Compose Piano undoubtedly has a lot of stimulating features for youngsters. First of all, there’s a clear-case rolling drum at the top with colorful beads inside; when rolled, it makes the sound of a rattle. There is also a musical notes screen, which lights up in various colors when music is being payed. The “keyboard” consists of five large colorful keys, and are actually numbered 1-5.

There are three modes that can be selected, using a dial on the left face of the Count and Compose Piano:

Keyboard – Plays a single, individual musical note when children press any one of the 5 piano keys.

Baby Composer – Lets children “compose” by playing a portion of a classical music piece each time one of the numbered keys is pressed. This continues – with a portion being played each time another key is pressed – until the entire melody is complete.

Counting – States the number of the key being pressed before playing classical music. Moreover, the Count and Compose Piano features a language selector, which allows children to hear the number of the key in either English, French or Spanish.

In addition, a selection dial on the right of the toy allows the child to determine which of three instruments – a piano, xylophone, or flute – any audible music is played on. If there are any cons to this toy, it is most likely the fact that the speaker is on the bottom, which – depending on the surface it’s resting on – may cause the sound to be slightly muffled. However, this in no way seriously diminishes the value of this product.

All in all, the Count and Compose Piano arguably creates a unique and stimulating environment that is conducive to learning. Children will have a great deal of fun with, and be completely entertained by, this product. If you would like to learn more about this and other great teaching toys, please visit Cool Toys and Gifts.