Cool Touch Comfort Cushion for the Relief of Pain

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Do you live with chronic pain that could be helped by using ice therapy? Messy ice bags are not practical especially on days where it is hot and humid outside. When you use an ice pack you find yourself spending more time waiting for the bag to refreeze and in the meantime, you are not getting any relief.

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As a person who suffers from chronic back pain, I have given up on most muscle rubs and ointments. Most are smelly and not effective. I did find some relief for my chronic pain and it came in the form of a pad.

The Cool Touch Comfort Cushion is a large pad that is filled with a gel. The gel reacts to your body heat and transforms itself into a cooling pad which helps to bring relief. Your body does not need to be noticeably hot (think sweating on a summer’s day) for this product to work. I have placed this cushion behind my back in the middle of winter and within minutes I have felt cooling relief on my back.

For some chronic pain sufferers, ice is soothing. If you are one of these people, don’t mess with patches, refillable ice bags or bars that need to be refrozen. Try this Comfort Touch Cushion and you will be a believer.

This product is also excellent to cool your body on a hot day. Picture yourself at a sporting event sitting on sun-baked bleachers. Bring the Cool Touch Comfort Cushion along with you and place it on the seat. As you sit on this cushion, you will feel the heat release from your body and be replaced by a cooling cushion.

There are many more uses for this product. Anyone who has trouble coping with high humidity and heat will find relief from using it. Weekend warriors who overdid can get relief from placing it on the affected area of their body. It is slim enough that storage is easy. There is no reason why every home couldn’t use one of these Cool Touch Comfort Cushions.

They also come in sizes that are more convenient for use on areas like shoulders and knees. The larger size is great for sitting on, for placing behind your back or laying on your stomach. When I discovered how well this product works I wanted to tell the world. There are a lot of products advertised that make promises but usually fall short of their claims. This is not one of them.

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Cool Touch Comfort Cushion for the Relief of Pain, Seekyt
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