Coping With The Pain and Life Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis

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The Main Areas For Financial Planning.

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The main areas that need to be considered in relation to financial planning are : the acquisition and maintenance of comprehensive health insurance, ideally including adequate protection for long-term care needs; the acquisition and maintenance of long-term disability benefits coverage-either private or government; employment, where feasible; and family financial or estate planning.

Current or Desired Employment

In regard to your current or desired employment, you would be well-advised to begin by contacting your local chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to learn about your employment rights under federal and state laws, and to obtain referrals to other sources of employment information.

Americans With Disabilities Act

It is particularly worthwhile to ask about your rights in obtaining or retaining employment under federal law, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Another source of information about employment is your state of Department of Labor. Contact them and request detailed brochures about employment rights and opportunities for citizens with disabilities.

Disability Benefits

In regard to disability benefits, whether you are employed and have coverage through you job, or have individual private disability benefits on an individual basis, it is important that you read your policy carefully to determine exactly what you are covered for, the limits of your protection, and your responsibilities for reporting, obtaining ‘prior approvals’ before services are used, and other matters.

Family Financial Planning

Finally, you should consider family financial planning. This generally involves the use of an expert advisor-an attorney or other professional (often called a certified financial planner) with special training and experience. Ideally, try to find an advisor who also has expertise in regard to disability matters

.The financial implication of multiple sclerosis can add greatly to the physical and psychological burden of the disease. But planning can be invaluable, helping ease your financial and emotional stresses over the long term.

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Coping With The Pain and Life Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, Seekyt
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