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Copper Snow Guards: Great Avalanche Protection For Your House

Every year, more than 100 people die in snow related disasters. Snow can cause avalanches and that can kill people in various ways. If a person gets buried in heavy snow, he can become a victim of fatal wounds, hypothermia and can even die of suffocation. Installing copper snow guards on your rooftop can prevent such avalanches and protect your family from snow damage.

Snow retention devices like snow guards are mounted in multiple rows to create friction and not allow the accumulated snow to slip. Usually, the roofs with an incline between 30 to 45 degrees cause most avalanches. This is because these roofs are not steep enough to avoid snow buildup nor are they flat enough to hold the snow in its place.

Benefits of installing copper guards

Soft snow that falls on the top of roofs hardens into heavy ice sheets over time, which can slip on the ground below and damage the gutter system, porch, landscaping and can even hurt people standing below. Copper guards are very strong and durable and can be mounted on both slate and metal roofs, irrespective of whether they are newly created or already existing. These guards hold on to the snow till it either falls down in small pieces or melts completely. Often heat tapes are also installed in combination with the guards to facilitate the snow to melt swiftly.

Tips to install copper snow guards

Although it’s always recommended that you should prefer to employ a roofing expert to install copper snow guards on your rooftop, but here are some tips that will help you ascertain that the job is done properly:

• Never use metal nails for mounting snow guards on roofs

• Instead prefer copper snow guards that have 50 year silicone caulking

• Use neoprene washers to secure the screws

• Make sure that you never over tighten the screws

• Always install more guards on roofs that have steeper incline

• Mount the guards on the lower area of the roof because the snow actually moves in this area

• Never fasten the screws to the actual metal sheet, but to the beams below the roof

• The first row of copper guards should be installed 6 inches away from the periphery of the roof and the following rows should be mounted at a gap of 1 feet each

• Determine the snow load expected in your area and then select the guards that can handle such load

• Snow guards come in various colors; buy those that match your rooftop.

Make sure that you always buy branded and very good quality copper snow guards so that they have the strength and durability to withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions and can protect your house and loved ones from snow disasters for a very long time.

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards in Denver, CO, designs, manufactures and distributes roof snow guards made of copper or aluminum, bolt down and standing seam clamp style snow fences of all shapes and sizes for residential and commercial building. Find roof snow removal tips on Travelers.

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