Cordless Under Cabinet Lighting

Cordless under cabinet lighting is a great, inexpensive upgrade to your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. In this article, I’ll discuss some things to look for to be sure you get what you want when doing this home improvement project.

First you want to be sure to measure the space you have under your cabinets. Measure the width of the space underneath, as well as the depth and the height of the lip under the cabinet. Ideally, the lighting you select will be hidden by this lip so you need to be sure you know how deep it is so you can select lighting that will be small enough to be hidden.

Make a note of how many lights you have and how dark the area is so you know what types of lights to get. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have many options, as will most other major hardware and lighting stores. If they have displays set up, be sure to check the lights out at the store you know you like the type and amount of light that they put out and that it will be appropriate for the space you’re installing them into.

When you get home, be sure to open the first unit carefully and test fit in under the cabinets. This way you can make sure the lights will work and if not you can still return them easily if you haven’t ripped the box apart while opening them. If they do not fit, make a note as to why so you can get a light that will fit the second time.

Most lights have a few different options for mounting with two of the standards being hook & loop take and screw mount brackets. Make sure that these will work for you. One trick if you don’t like either of those options is to use some of those 3M command strips to mount the lights. Just be sure that the heat from the lights won’t be too much for the strips and cause your lights to fall, which may break them.

Once you’re sure that the first light fits and is what you want, proceed to mount the rest of the lights. Take your time so you don’t make any mistakes and before you know it you’ll have some great cordless under cabinet lighting installed in your home!