Core Strenght Training

In our modern age of mostly sitting there is an increasingly number of people with lower back pain. This is caused by having a bad posture, which results in shifting of your disks, pushing them against nerves.

With out sitting lifestyle we have the problem we don’t really train our core strength anymore. We sit all day at the office, come home tired and go straight to the couch to sit and relax, right?

But of course, as there is a problem, there are solutions as well. It might be a smart move to create a stand-up desk for yourself, so you will stand instead of sit while you are working. This improves your posture first of all, but will result in a stronger core body as well.

Another option would be to think critically of your chair. There are people who like to sit on an exercise ball instead of a normal chair. There are even experiments with exercise balls in classroom!

Core Strenght Training

But if you want to attack the problem at the core, you should work on the muscles surrounding your lower back. Therefore, some core strenght training comes in good.

Your abs, the obliques and the muscles of your lower back are the muscles you need to work on the most. There are a couple of exercises you can do to improve these very fast.


Lay down on your back, put your shoulders and your feet flat on the ground. Now elevate your hips until they are full in the air, so you will feel that your back is extended to the maximum.

Wall Sits

By sitting with your back to the wall, your knees in a 90 degrees angle you need to tighten your leg muscles, but also your abs. If you keep this going for 10 seconds, it is already enough. Repeat this 8-10 times and you will have a good ab exercise.

Ab Crunches (Partial)

You can also improve the strength of your abs by doing partial crunches. Lay down on your back, with your legs bend. Now put your hands behind you head and lift your body just a little bit. Repeat for 10-20 times and you will have a good core strenght training!

If you repeat these core exercises for lower back pain every once in a while you will encounter less complaints from back pain!