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Corruption and Environmental Damage.

Corruption and Environmental Damage – On 9 December, the international community commemorates World Day against Corruption se. Although by various agencies, including Indonesia considered the most corrupt country in the world, but it does not reduce the interest of the community were commemorating momentum. Eradication of corruption, collusion and nepotism, has become one of the national reform agenda following the collapse of society constantly voiced the new order regime. However, according to many circles-is happening is breeding corruption, so that variants multiply and spread in all layers of society. The impact of disease outbreaks of corruption, not only encourage the escalation of moral decay of society, but also the root cause of environmental degradation that is likely to increasingly raged in the last decade.

Deforestation arbitrarily, transfer functions of forests without considering the negative impact on the environment, the entry of dangerous goods toxic waste illegally, occurrence of floods due to the construction documents based on EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) engineered, outbreaks of various diseases due to negligent waste disposal, and so forth, when traced in it surely there is the smell of corruption, collusion and nepotism.

The practice of corruption in the form of collusion between the political elites are corrupt and greedy economic elite will be exploiting natural resources arbitrarily for personal gain, regardless of the economic welfare of citizens of the world and the nation itself.

The transfer function in some areas of protected forests in Sumatra, which has kept a number of members of the House is one obvious example of a corrupt conspiracy among the elite in the destruction of the environment. Similarly, the entry of hazardous wastes from neighboring countries that threaten the sustainability of the environment (including humans), to Indonesia, can certainly occur because of working fabric of corruption that involves many parties.

Constraints for Environmental Conservation

The strong network perpetrators of corruption are convolute in all lines, ultimately reducing the effectiveness of efforts to combat corruption, both by the government or by society. Efforts of Ministry of Environment which is supported by many NGOs in rejecting the inclusion of B3 waste (Toxic Dangerous Goods), for example, would be futile, if the apparatus of surveillance and enforcement are still easily bribed by a businessman to get merchandise illegitimate black it.

Similarly, the catastrophic floods that afflict many people will undoubtedly continue to occur, when the agency planner and construction supervisor of the city, still inhabited by unscrupulous corrupt officials who arbitrarily change the development plan already laid out for the sake of chasing a little bribe.

The existence of links between corruption and environmental destruction in the homeland, an environmental analyst with the firm accused of corrupt practices as the cause. ‘Product of national law, is already quite capable of protecting the environment. But, anyone can ignore it, as long as it can give bribes to corrupt officials. ‘He said. ‘The smell of corruption has been felt from the level of licensing, to the court. Even with the power of the corrupt money by easily directing party legislators and government policy to ignore the importance of the environment, legislation, often ignore environmental interests. See, in the case of logging in Sumatra. A ‘king loggers’ that has destroyed hundreds of hectares of forest, just got a free gift from the court verdict ‘he said.

He said that, without strict enforcement, environmental degradation will continue raged in the country. Because the root of the problem is not the absence of laws and regulations, but because of lack of commitment to run the laws and regulations.

Low Commitment

Corruption as the root cause of lack of commitment of the elites in preserving the environment, it has become tangled threads of this nation’s twisted. The reason for the political and economic elite corruption that provide many benefits, both politically and economically.

It’s no secret, not least the politicians who jumped into politics with a view to approaching or have the economic resources. In the perspective of political economy of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government given the right to formulate and determine the rules of the game all the activities of economic actors, social and cultural rights of people who exist in one region or country. These rules can actually be traded by politicians in the parliament, namely by making rules that benefit certain parties with certain benefits. Or it can be in perjualbelikan the law enforcement process.

With the revenue generated from corruption, not a few of the politicians to use the results to foster a sense of unity and political unity among the elites or parties in order to create a political stability that maintain the sustainability of his rule. The act of corruption may be a sale and purchase of votes in parliament, or in the form of political transactions behind the other screen.

As for the economic elites, corruption is useful to streamline the process of production and allocation of resources in their business activities. Besides with this corruption they can make the rule-makers (state), to produce rules that benefit or protect their business interests. The phenomenon of HPH (forest management rights) to the cronies of the ruling, even granting licenses over the function of mangrove forests in Muara Angke area, is a case that could explain this.

Meanwhile, according to a teacher in one of the universities in Jakarta, corruption which cause destruction of the environment (environmental hazard) in the end lead to a powerful impact for the community, because the direct and indirect opportunities revoke the fulfillment of the rights of other parties in meeting the basic needs of life. Environmental damage, he said, could eliminate the right of the poor to food, right to health, right to housing, right to work, even in the category of rights such as civil and political rights to life, right to organize and so on.

Realities that occur in ground water, it can certainly be explained that the eradication of corruption and environmental destruction, will not be effective if based solely on good faith among the elite. But still requires the cooperation and joint measures of the entire force people not to feel bored empower communities to exercise control over public officials and businessmen.

Of no less importance of efforts to encourage changes in policies and institutions that can encourage the creation of a transparent political system, clean and democratic so as to create space for the public to exercise control.

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