Costs of Ignition Interlock Devices

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The costs of ignition interlock devices will vary greatly by manufacturer. In addition to this, there are some states that require certain brands and professional installation by only those approved. This will add to the total expense greatly, increasing the price by a lot. If you don’t want to pay too much for your IID following your OWI or alcohol related driving offense, you need to be vigilant in your search to save money, and get one that will work as cheap as possible. In this article, I’ll go over some of the basics of IID pricing and installation costs, along with some general information on ignition interlock devices.

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What Are They and How Do They Work?

IID’s are basically a breathalyzer or intoxication-meter that must be blown into for the vehicle to start. This is similar to breathalyzers that you may have seen in bars or even those carried by the police in how they work. The driver of the car has to blow into the machine, typically with a long and steady breath. The machine then analyzes the level of alcohol in their breath and will typically not allow the vehicle to start unless the levels of alcohol in the breath/blood are at legal levels. In addition, to ensure the driver is the one blowing into the tube, most will take a photo during the air blowing process.

Why Do People Need Them?

Most people that need them have been convicted of an OWI, sometimes called DUI, DWI or drunk driving. In most cases, it is reserved for those with multiple offenses, although it would be possible for some states to require them following a first or second offense.

Installation Requirements

The installation of an ignition interlock device is almost always required to be done by a state certified technician. This is done to reduce the likelihood of a driver trying to bypass the machine or alter its ability to measure the level of intoxicants in a person’s breath. For this reason, the cost is generally expensive.

Myths about PBT’s and Breathalyzers

You cannot put a penny under your tongue to beat an IID and eating mustard or a peanut butter sandwich will not reduce the machine’s effectiveness. These are common, ridiculous myths that have no basis of truth.

Get a Cheap IID

As you explore the cost of ignition interlock devices, you must first make sure you only check out those that meet the requirement of the court. If you don’t, you will end up making a useless purchase. Follow these basic steps, or you could pay $500 too much quite easily.

  • Find the list of approved manufacturers: You must only buy those that are approved brands or the courts will not accept the IID you select.
  • Call Local Dealers: In some states you will only have a small handful of authorized dealers and installers. This could mean traveling many miles. Make some phone calls to save time. If you are only required to buy certain brands through any seller, you may want to buy IID online for a cheaper price tag.
  • Compare Installation Expense: Some will charge a lot of money to install the machines. Compare the entire cost of the transaction to see how you can save some money in the process.

The cost of ignition interlock devices will vary greatly, but with some information and some shopping, you can get one a little bit cheaper.

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