Could My Kidney Be Causing My Back Pain? – Quite Possibly, If Your Symptoms Are Similar to These

A lot of back pain is attributed to your kidney when it really isn’t the kidney’s fault. If your back pain is a dull, throbbing, achy type of pain, then you can rest assured that your kidney has very likely not caused this. However, if your back pain is sharp, intense, and seems to come on without any warning or regularity, then you could very well be dealing with a kidney issue. If that’s the case, then it becomes important to talk about why your kidney may be causing your back pain as there is likely an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed. If you feel that you may have one of these issues, consult with your doctor immediately.

Kidney Stones

One of the most common causes of back pain coming from a kidney are kidney stones. Kidney stones can be made up of various materials, such as calcium, struvite, cystine, or even uric acid. Essentially what happens is that your body is unable to flush excess materials out of the kidney, which causes it to crystalize. Then, at some point, this material blocks the kidney’s ability to sent urine out, so the fluids in your kidney start backing up. The sharp back pain you feel is literally your kidney swelling up. Moving around and pushing extra fluids can help ease the back pain of a kidney stone, and continuing to push fluids can help prevent further kidney stones from developing.


More serious than a kidney stone causing your back pain is a kidney infection. A kidney infection is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as a high fever, an extremely strong urge to always need to be going to the bathroom, a burning sensation whenever you have to urinate, and there could even be blood or pus in your urine. Having a kidney infection and the accompanying back pain is a life threatening condition – if you have any of these symptoms in addition to your back pain, then you should consult with your doctor today.

Less Frequent Causes

Back pain being caused by your kidney can also be caused by a slowly developing blockage of your urine flow, involuntary muscle spasms as you urinate, or even cancer of the kidney or benign or malignant tumors that could be pressing in on your kidney. These conditions often won’t cause that sharp, stinging pain and are quite rare in causing pain, so if you simply have a back pain that doesn’t seem to be resolving itself nor is it affected by treatment of the symptoms, then you may wish to consult with your doctor about one of these conditions.

In any case, having back pain being caused by your kidney is often described as one of the worst experiences of a person’s life. If you feel like your back pain is being caused by your kidney because of one of these conditions, then it is important you schedule an appointment with your doctor or other medical professional at your earliest convenience.