Could you Benefit from a PR Agency?

The shortest, and unfortunately the safest answer is “it depends”. Every company (or at least the ones with their heads firmly on their shoulders) will want maximum exposure and to ensure that their brand is properly represented across all media, but several factors will impact whether the time is right to start worrying about public relations.

Are you Ready to be scrutinised?

Publicity means more than people just getting to know your name. You will also be under the watchful eye of the press, bloggers and the mindful public, all of whom are going to potentially pick up on the good and the bad in your business.

Do you have the budget?

Depending on the extent of your desired PR campaign, you may be expected to pay more than you are able to. Smaller companies may do better to allocate their resources elsewhere, and take on a PR campaign further down the line. A successful PR campaign is, to a degree, dictated by the success of the business it campaigns for.

Do you have a plan?

Delving into the realm of public relations can only really work if there is a story or an idea to share with the world. Make sure you have some idea of what you want to tell the world about yourself before asking the PR agency to spread your name.

Maximize your Potential

If you answered yes to the above 3 questions, you’re ready to go ahead and contact a public relations agency. There are many benefits to having an outside company control your PR. Even if you have an in-house PR team, the help of an objective team will do wonders for the consistency, measurability and overall strategic planning of a PR campaign.

Whether you are launching a new product or service, or revitalizing an old one, the right PR campaign can generate all the attention you want. Many people misunderstand PR as being press releases on a wire and nothing more – this is far from the truth. Having a partnership with a PR agency that can maximize your media relations with contacts on the inside is an invaluable asset.

Another bonus provided by an out-of-house PR team is that they will not be bogged down by the same ‘creative routine’ that an in-house team may suffer from. Even the most creative of PR campaigners can run out of ideas, and a fresh set of heads can do wonders for a project.

Contacts in a Crowded Market

In emerging and crowded markets, saturated with businesses like your own, it can be tough to make yourself seen and heard. Having the assistance of a PR agency means having someone who can dial up important contacts and help you realise ideas you never thought possible.