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Countertop Laminate Sheets: A Kitchen Must Have

Countertop Laminate Sheets

Ever since countertop laminate sheets came out in the market in the 1950’s, it has become a kitchen must have for most home owners. This is due to various reasons which you would discover on the later part of this article. The first thing to do is to get to know this material. Through this you would be able to distinguish it from other materials.

What are laminated countertop sheets?

From the word laminate meaning to bond sheets together, countertops laminate sheets are synthetic materials made of 2 to 3 layers of sheets. Depending on the type of countertop, distinct materials are used. The common denominator between them is melamine. This substance acts as a protective layer of these countertops.

Today, there are two known laminated countertop sheets. First is the Kraft countertop and the second is the melamine countertops. To differentiate the two, Kraft countertops are made by binding together sheets of decorative paper and Kraft paper that is coated with melamine afterwards. On the other hand, melamine countertops are made of 100% melamine including the sheets. Unlike the first type, melamine countertops are more expensive and durable.

What makes laminated countertop sheets durable?

The first reason why home owners opt for countertops laminate sheets is its sturdiness. There are 3 important factors that explain its durability. These variables are based from the common elements that cause countertop damages incurred during food preparation and dishwashing activities. What are these three?

First is scratch resistance. When using knife, it is inevitable that scratches are incurred even if it is meticulously performed. Thus, you will be able to maintain the brand new appearance of your countertop. However, when high impact is done, these countertops may crack. It is advised that when chopping meat and vegetables, do it in a tender manner. Another is water resistance. As you know, the number one enemy of wood and metal is water exposure. Since these countertops are protected by melamine a resinous substance, it has the ability to withhold moisture. The last variable is heat resistance. Although with this variable, these countertops can only withhold a temperature of 150 °C and below. Thus, it is still best that mats are placed under heated pots, skillets and other types of pans.

With these three factors, durability may be explained well. However, a countertop’s strength is not permanent. In order to ensure that these would last long, proper maintenance is imperative.

What is the price of laminated countertop sheets?

The second reason why homeowners opt for these materials is affordability. In terms of prices, countertop laminate sheets would range from $4 to $8 per square foot. Custom made sheets would cost more depending on your preferred design. The price would range from $24 to $40 per square foot. For individuals who want professional services which include removing the old laminated sheets, plumbing and other works, the total charge would range from $40 to $64 per square foot.


With affordability and durability in one material, what more can you ask for? Certainly, with these two factors alone, opting for countertop laminate sheets is a wise decision you would make.

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