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Couples Halloween Costumes


If you are looking for couples Halloween costumes you need some ideas. You could dress separately, but dressing up in costumes that make you go well together as a couple would be really nice. There are some fun Halloween costumes for couples that you can try out that everyone at the party will recognize. Not only that, they will know you are a couple and that you are meant to be seen together. Here are some popular couples Halloween costumes for you to consider.

Fred and Wilma

Yes, that’s right, it’s the Flinstones, or should I say meet the Flinstones. These costumes are not only real easy to spot, they are fun to wear. It’s sort of like a semi-toga party on Halloween. There will be few costumes at any Halloween party as recognizable as the traditional orange Fred Flinstone costume and with Wilma by his side there will be no doubt. Plus, if you get separated at the party Fred and just yell “Wilma!”

Shrek and Fiona

If you want to be noticed, recognized immediately, and wear some face paint then you should consider dressing up as Shrek and Fiona. This works especially well if your couple contains a large man (the ogre), though in real life he can be quite normal and does not need to be an ogre. When Shrek and Fiona enter the room the party will get started. If you have to bring along a friend, or third wheel, perhaps they could be the donkey.

Woody and Jessie

If you feel like going a little Western, perhaps Woody and Jessie from Toy Story are the perfect characters for you to imitate on Halloween. You can talk like a cowboy, carry a gun (not real please) and wear a cowboy hat as part of your costume. You will be the best toys at the party and you are sure to have a rootin-tootin good time.

Mario and Princess Peach

If you like video games you probably play Mario games all the time, so why not pay tribute to him and dress up as Mario and Princess Peach. Everyone will notice Mario right away and you can make a beautiful Princess Peach. They are a perfect couple and these make great Halloween costumes.

Batman and Batgirl

If you feel a bit more like a super hero and want some adventure, go with a Halloween costume of Batman and Batgirl. You will feel invincible all night in your super hero duds but just remember – you can’t fly or anything, so keep it real. Of course, you could find a really cool belt with gadgets in it. Who knows what you could do then.

Couples Halloween Costumes
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