Coupon Tips And Advice

Do you want to save money ?

Using coupons is a great idea. Inflation is bad and really has an effect on so many people’s household budgets. People need to save money. Some actively use coupons,others mean to but forget to, some don’t care to bother with them. Using coupons can make a big difference though. As long as they are available you might as well take advantage of the savings. Almost any product you can think of probably has coupons you can use. I especially like craft store coupons where I shop to buy art supplies. Sometimes I get 50% a single item and I think that’s great. Coupons are everywhere.

You can organize coupons in a few different ways listed here, or devise a way of your own. You can organize by store, or by product category. For example “baby supply coupons”. Or sort by date. You may want to go through your coupons regularly in order to weed out the ones who go past date and are no longer usable.

You can use anything to store your coupons in. A money-saving storage solution like a shoe box is fine, or use some other container you might already own. Some people use recipe boxes, pencil boxes or even plastic food storage boxes. “Coupon wallets” are now sold in many stores. You just want to keep all the coupons in one place, not all over your house. One way you might deal with the cutting out of coupons and so on is to just do it immediately. That way piles of papers don’t “grow”.

Here are some sources for coupons;

  • newspapers, they have coupons in them
  • magazines, especially women’s or home-based magazines
  • “junk” mail !  look twice before you throw mail away 
  • online, do a product search and include the word “coupon”
  • stores often hand you coupons with your receipt
  • sign up at stores, for instance “Gymboree”, the kid’s store…they will mail you coupons
  • if your friends or relatives throw coupons away, ask them to save them for you instead

Get into the habit of checking to see if you are carrying coupons you’d want to use before you leave your home. Did you know that some stores let you use coupons even though they are having a sale ?  If it’s hard to keep track of what stores do or don’t you could try keeping a notebook.