Coupons You Must Try To Boost Your Sales

Remember, not all coupons work for all types of online shops, so, trying out some different kinds coupons is a great idea. As a ecommerce business owner, it is very imperative for you to look at your profit margins carefully so as to generate an offer that you can afford to make. The prime aim of a coupon is to ultimately boost your sales.

Types of coupons to try

Daily coupons

By offering a coupon that is good for one day, you can limit your exposure. Besides, it creates a greater sense of necessity and lends itself well to promote through social media. Some websites provide a variety of deals each day while it can be little difficult to update promotions manually, but apps such as Daily Deal Bar can help. You can also go for weekly deals instead of daily deals.

Buy X Item And Get Y Free

It is another great way to dip a toe into couponing. Whether it’s “Buy 1 And Get 1 Free” or “Buy 2, Get 20% Off”, the pricing of the products involved is the key. You must test it on some item before selling a bunch of different styles of the same basic products.

Free shipping

One of the most popular options is free shipping with sellers and customers alike. As shipping is one of the biggest concern point for online buyers, it makes sense to code it in the form of a handy coupon. Also, if you’re distressed you may wind up paying too much shipping yourself, you can still offer free shipping by limiting it to some order amounts, for example, “Free shipping on orders $199 and over”.

Percentage And Flat Amount Off:

A flat amount of an order total, such as “$50 off your next order”, which tends to convert best if your online store has an average order total of less than $ 500. The “50% off your next order” type of coupon does better for stores with an average order total above $500. Buyers don’t perceive as much of a value for a (%) percentage of lower order totals.

Online buyers can use a variety of coupons available online, including Zivame coupons, Jabong coupons and Snapdeal coupons, and buy whatever they want at less price.