Cover up tattoo designs

Tattoos are drawn to a special purpose of being expressive in looking and to signify something through the images made. But occasions may arise to cover up those tattoos for some unexpected reasons. Sometimes people might choose to make their older tattoos look better than before by redoing it once again so that they just do not appear dull and faded and seem to be newly done and perfectly fresh. Again in some cases tattoos done with a lot of expectations and patience do not come up with the desired result and cannot make the clients satisfied. So for natural reasons they go for better tattoos to be done on the older ones to be covered up. Apart from these reasons there are some emotional grounds on which people try to hide their old once- favorite tattoos like the separation of a long term relationship because of which they craved for doing those tattoos. More examples have been found where one wants one’s tattoo design to be more attractive and eye-catching than the previous and that is why wishes to get it restored by a tattoo artist at a higher cost.

Before making up one’s mind for covering up the older tattoo one must come by all the important factors of cover up tattoo designs. There is an alternative process through which people can remove the existing tattoo forever called Laser process. This is a more painful and expensive process than the process of tattooing itself. The cover up tattoo artists should be well-trained and experienced to judge minutely how to fulfill the client’s demand by creatively replacing the old blurred or unwanted tattoo with a new classy one. Certain things should be remembered in this context that the new cover-up tattoo must be two to three times bigger in size than the former. In case of dark tattoos intricate black shading is essential and deeper colors as in tribal designs are better to be used. Depending on various methods the artist brings in an artful completeness by virtue of his sense of application and skill.

There are different ways to use cover-up tattoo designs. The commonest of all the forms applied is a letter designing technique. Letters often carry messages or names of some old relations that have gone apart leaving tattoos reminding all the time the forgotten past memories left behind. They need to be wiped out or avoided by wearing cover up tattoo designs on them like making animals or birds’ pictures or drawing larger letters on the letter-tattoos already present there. It is also possible to make use of some interesting words or letters to enhance its humor. Another way is named as ‘Tribal tattoo design’ which involves detailing of colors and mixing them in order to give them a vividness that differentiates the new tattoo from the older one. This type of design characterizes deep vibrant color combinations that do not let the faded tattoo look apparent. The new age has seen many more updated processes of surrendering the earlier tattoos to a new one with a view to getting a fashionable trendy look.

Cover up tattoo designs need a minimum preparation and mind-set before going for it. Some tattoos have to be covered entirely so that the former patterns cannot be caught up by onlookers and some designs need to be redone for the sake of looking more appealing and same as the person wanted them to be. There is no rigid rule to follow before making the background of the tattoo. It depends on the tattoo artist and his creativity and his individual choice of method by which he would test that part of the body to be re-tattooed. Some artists may sketch the tattoo first and show that to his client to be approved. Elaboration is made and richness is brought through a totality of work. Imagination flows with details when tattoos are designed with images like koi-fish, eagles, ravens, green leaf.

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Whether it is tattooing or removing the tattoo or covering up the older tattoo it is always painful and hard decision to make. So this is suggestive to those going for a tattoo-removal or cover up tattoo to get into the consultation of a master and expert tattoo artist to feel proud of their decision in future.