Covington 2 Row Cultivator Planter

If you’re looking at a Covington 2 row cultivator planter, you’re checking out one of the best for cultivating and planting quickly and effectively for small plots. In this article, I’d like to give you some information about the models available, as well as some places to shop, and ways to save money when you make your purchase, so you can get it as cheap as possible, but still get the best value. Remember, just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal.

Great For Homeowners

There are several reasons this model is good for a sportsman or outdoorsman, hunter, or gardener. Listed below are some of the ways to use your cultivator for planting corn or other food plot items.

Gardens: It makes super quick work of gardens, even those that are quite large in size. Since it’s a pull behind model, you can hook it to an ATV hitch and tow it behind you. This model will work great for homeowners wanting to cultivate and sow seeds quickly and easily.

Food Plots: Many hunters and sportsmen like to plant food plots to bring the wildlife into their area and hold them there, as they feed on what’s planted. This is one of the more common alternative uses that people buy them for.

Awkward Field Areas: It’s small, but that makes it possible to get hard to reach areas for planting, or those with only small trails and entryways leading to them. This unit can pay for itself since you can plant seed and harvest in areas that would be otherwise lost and wasted.

Features of Covington Two Row Planters

There are some really good features of this cultivator that you’ll want to check out when you look to buy one for your own personal use.

Adjustable: This unit is adjustable, so you can adjust the width of the rows with ease. This is a good feature that’s lacking in some of the other cheap alternatives out there. Mechanical planting has made the process much easier for all to seed.

Rigid Shanks: The Pittsburg type two row cultivator has 9 very rigid shanks, which makes it more durable and last longer. The COV-9S model is quite popular with many people because it is so durable and withstands hard use that occurs in the field.

The Covington two row cultivator planter is a good option for anyone looking for a mechanical cultivator.