Craft Masks

Craft masks can be easy to make and children’s masks can be simple and made of paper. Or, they can be a little more time-consuming and highly artistic if made by adults or older kids. Making masks is an art. Masks are also historic, for instance Marie Antoinette wore them on certain occasions and in Venice they have been used for centuries.The art supplies for children’s crafts are basic and easy to obtain – card stock, ribbon, scissors, crayons, paint, glue, glitter, feathers. Adult masks usually require more sophisticated supplies but they are easy to find as well, like plaster bandages and papier-mache. Mask making is great for children’s parties, Halloween, rainy days indoors, or sleep-overs. It’s really a fun creative outlet for both children and adults. You can sell your mask art too.

Hint – card stock is better than regular paper for making children’s masks. It is stronger and lasts longer.

Print-out Animal Masks For Children

Printable Pretty Flower Mask For Children

A Print-out Elf Mask For Kids

Below are two videos on how to create craft masks with a plaster cloth method. This is an option for adults or older kids. It’s a form of sculpture and seems like a great method for masks.

The video below features stunning Venetian masks for your inspiration. You might want to make masks like these after viewing the film ! They are really amazing works of art. Masks have been used in carnivals in Venice, Italy since the year 1162.

The video below mentions using liquid starch instead of papier-mache. Liquid starch might be less messy. You can make masks in a variety of ways. Experiment with them all and find which method is best for you. Masks can be carved or ceramic, in that case not very wearable. Other methods are plaster bandages,papier-mache, leather, rubber,porcelain and more.

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