Crazy Modern Stairs Design Ideas That Really Work

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Many people who want their homes or businesses to really stand out from the crowd are choosing modern stairs designs that are a little on the strange or out there side. This is often because the stairs instantly become a focus of the building, so what better place to insert a little personality? In this article, we’ve covered some of the crazier ideas that we’ve come across.

  1. DNA Style
    This isn’t a new idea, but it’s one that looks fantastic when installed in the right sort of building (particularly one that’s related to science). The design is inspired by the double-helix shape of molecules, which means that they spiral upwards tightly. They can be built using a variety of materials, but timber, metal and glass tend to be popular.
  2. Floating Glass
    To make the space feel open and airy, you cannot beat a “floating” glass design. The treads and the balustrading are comprised of thick slabs of glass, whereas the fittings and handrails are usually made out of metal (to anchor everything together). If you enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, however, you might want to avoid taking the stairs!
  3. Artistic
    Some people want their modern stairs design to really make a statement, so they approach it much as they world a work of art. This style is often completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, but they will be made from the usual materials (notably metal and glass). The key is to think outside the box and do something that’s never been done before.
  4. Musical
    Why not have a bit of fun and make your stairs musical? Delight your visitors with a song as they traverse up and down the flight! Each tread has its own note, but when multiple people are walking up and down at once you’ll be treated to a random tune. The only issue with this design is that it could get a bit annoying after a while.
  5. Tight Spaces
    When dealing with super-tight spaces, finding stairs to match can be a real challenge. Some builders have started using timber boxes, which are stacked in a steep and narrow space no bigger than a closet. They not only look fantastic, they allow you to get between levels easily. Just note that it will feel like a bit of a hike to get to the top.
  6. Storage Boxes
    These days, there is also a trend of using the stairs to store all sorts of items. One idea is to have the flight constructed out of series of boxes (accessible from the lower level), whilst another is to use the riser as storage space (such as shelving or drawers). If you have an abundance of ‘stuff’, this could be an ideal solution.
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We hope that the above list has given you some ideas for crazy modern stairs designs that really work. Just because the design is a little out there doesn’t mean that the stairs will be unattractive or dysfunctional. If you’ve got your heart set on a modern style but want to stand out from the crowd, we recommend speaking with your staircase builder – they’ll have plenty of advice to offer.

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Crazy Modern Stairs Design Ideas That Really Work, Seekyt
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