News Create lifetime memories by staying in Alaska private yacht...

Create lifetime memories by staying in Alaska private yacht cruises


Alaska private yacht cruises combine the best in wildlife adventures with the luxury of overnight stay, along with extended views of the Alaskan coastline, for a sea excursion that’s sure to impress. The private yacht adventure allows guests to explore Alaska in a spectacular way. Enjoy winding waterways with sculpted crystal glaciers peeking through, lush evergreen filled valleys and inlets, concentrations of unencumbered Alaskan wildlife, endless backdrops of forests, islands, beaches, rural community life, and the majestic show of shedding glaciers crashing into the sea, some as big as houses, all from the cozy, private view of the yacht.

Close viewing of Alaskan wildlife is a daily event with the Alaska private yacht cruises. Look down to witness 200 ton Humpback whales, Killer whales, Orca whales, and Minke whales frolicking in the deep blue waters, just feet from the yacht. Playful, curious-faced sea otters may also be spotted playing in the water. Look to the side as the yacht strolls past rock islands filled with countless sea lions basking in the sun. Look straight ahead to witness the spectacular ground show of the Alaskan brown bear, black bear, mountain goats, and timber wolves in their natural element. Look up in sky to witness a spectacular air show starring bald eagles, Harlequin ducks, humming birds, loons, Albatross and more.

Enjoy Alaska, up close and personal, with a hike up the coves and through the lagoons for some leisurely sightseeing or fishing off the banks. Or take a dingy out to the middle of the open waters to catch fresh salmon, halibut, trout and more. Or stay aboard the ship while crab and shrimp cages are dropped for tonight’s fresh dinner entrees.

Relax after a day of fun and adventure in one of the Alaska yacht charters. Alaska private yacht’s guest cabins include many luxury amenities such as excellent lighting, a choice of an over-sized king or double bed, TV, DVD, en-suite full baths with showers included, seclusion from crew traffic and engine noise and more. Or, opt for a night of fun in the yacht’s lounge, which features amenities such as a wood burning fireplace, comfy furniture, TV, DVD, Blu-ray, surround sound, movies for all ages, and ever changing panoramic views of the outdoor Alaskan scenery. Or relax on the yacht’s secure walk around deck, for a refreshing night’s view.

Dining on Alaska private yacht cruises include the best in world class dining as master chef’s prepare gourmet meals and appetizers made from fresh Alaskan catch. Fresh breads, pastries, and desserts are also available, and a choice of tea, coffee, beer, mixed drinks, domestic or imported wine and more, to wash it all down. When it’s all said and done, Alaskan private yacht cruises offer guests a unique cabin-on-the-lake experience for an adventure no cruise ship can match.

Create lifetime memories by staying in Alaska private yacht cruises
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