Create Stucco Finish on Interior Walls

Create Stucco Finish on Interior Walls, Seekyt


Create a stucco finish on your interior walls with application of all purpose joint compound. The application of stucco is easy to do and the home improvement will add warmth and ambiance to the room. If you have an older home that has structural cracks or uneven walls the stucco finish will conceal the cracks and give your walls a more even look.

Before you begin a stucco project you will need to prepare the room. You will need painters tape to protect your windows, doors, baseboards, light switches, outlet covers and ceiling. You will also need drop cloths to protect your hardwood floor, ceramic tile or carpet. If the joint compound gets on flooring, remove it when compound is wet with warm soapy water and a cloth. If the compound dries it is difficult to remove.

Prep your interior walls by dusting them with a dry cotton rag. When all of the dust has been removed you would then clean the walls by spraying them with a natural cleaner; white vinegar mixed with water.

Wipe your walls clean with a damp cloth. Allow the walls to dry thoroughly. When the walls are dry you would then remove all picture hooks. Use the joint compound to patch the holes from the hooks. For structural surface cracks or damaged walls. Use joint mesh tape to effectively conceal the crack. Cut the tape so that it is the same length and width as the crack. The tape has an adhesive so it will stick to your wall.

Apply a thin layer of the all-purpose joint compound with a trowel. The joint compound will secure the mesh tape to your wall and will hide the crack. Repair all cracks in interior walls before applying stucco finish to room. Allow the stucco patch to dry. Sand the patch so that it has a smooth finish.


Create a stucco finish to your interior walls by applying a thin layer of joint compound with a cement trowel. Spread the stucco onto your walls in a half-circle motion. This application method will give your walls the stucco texture. Allow the stucco compound to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat. When the stucco is wet it will have a gray tint. When the stucco is completely dry it will be white in color. It will take 4 to 7 days to dry. When the stucco is cured (with two coats approximately 14 days) you will add a primer and then paint the stucco.


For a decorative stucco look apply the compound using different trowel sizes. (Small, medium, and large)

One person should apply the stucco. The application would then all is the same and will look more professional.

Painted stucco finished interior walls will make the room more cozy.

Avoid a heavy application of stucco as it will crack.

I updated a 12 x 16 bedroom for $30.00. The stucco enabled me to hide all of the uneven walls and cracks. Stucco is a great way to improve the appearance of interior walls.