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Create Stunning Ambiance with Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Since a man first put two rocks together–maybe tens of thousands of years ago–stone has been a favorite building material that has withstood the test of time. The world’s greatest feats of monumental engineering have been made from stone: the great pyramids of Egypt and Central and South America, the Great Wall of China, the giant, stoic statues of Easter Island, Stonehenge… Nobody can say for sure who invented the first brick, though the Romans are credited with inventing concrete, but over time man learned to manipulate the materials nature provided; masonry has been refined and perfected, and has branched into several specialized schools of thought and techniques.

Stone cladding. Once a man learned to build, he learned to decorate, as well. Exemplified by the amazing achievements of cultures throughout the world, man learned to decorate his buildings with plaster and pebbles, tiles, cut sections of rock, etc. In modern times, masons, builders, architects, designers, and even landscapers have come to embrace the amazing diversity today’s technology offers–in this case, stone cladding. Stone cladding is an artistically stylised form of decorating with stone (among some other materials, such as brick, wood, and metal, whether real or synthetic). Thin sections of cut stone are bonded together to form small or large sections that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. It is typically meant to be decorative as opposed to functional, although builders are learning to incorporate it as additional insulation. Common examples of stone cladding can be seen on the exterior of many modern buildings, and it is quite popular with interior designers.

Natural stone wall cladding creates a facade that can give any building, home, office, or room a stunning ambiance it originally lacked. It adds character to the looks of any building and has been used effectively on a regular basis to give rooms in any home the kind of flare or charm homeowners want. Perfect examples of applications would be in bathrooms, kitchens, or around fireplaces. These are merely a few examples–the possibilities are only limited to the imagination. Conceivably, one could cover every nook and cranny of his house, inside and out, if he were so inclined. But, of course, the idea behind stone cladding is to diminish any monotony by giving the eye more to do. Professional stone cladding gives any surface a touch of class.

The appeal of natural stone is compelling; there is some connection between it and the human psyche. Perhaps this unconscious, spiritual effect is some genetic leftover from ancient ancestors. Regardless of the reasons, the conclusion is the same. Rock can be cut to reveal unique colors and grains. Often, stone like quartz and marble is streaked with sparkling chips that reflect light, bedazzling the eyes. Patterns in stone cladding can be relatively simple to complex; intricate combinations of different shapes and sizes create texture, depth, and intrigue.

Today, natural stone wall cladding is the height of modern building technology, and is easily applied to residential, commercial, and industrial applications. A variety of stone can be used, and crafted into amazing geometric designs. Stone wall cladding is ecologically friendly, requires little maintenance, and ages superbly. Pool applications, indoors or out, are simply divine–the combined look of water and rock is naturally appealing. Present day wall cladding, like that performed by companies such as Volcanrock, can transform interiors and exteriors into literal works of art. Maybe that caveman, when he put one rock upon the other, had a vision only realised by his descendants of the modern space age.

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