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Create Unique Jewelry Pieces With Wooden Beads

If you are a jewelry designer, you know how important it is create jewelry pieces that stand out. These days, people are more and more interested in jewelry that is unique. Everyone wants to be different from others and today no one considers wearing jewelry that everyone else has. People want to create fashion statement with unique styles of jewelry and sometimes, they don’t even worry about the price tag as long as they are able to stand out from the rest.

For a jewelry designer, it can be quite advantageous to create unique pieces of jewelry. With unique creations, he can improve his profit margin significantly and at the same time meet the demands of his customers. A jewelry designer must understand what elements he must include in his creations so that they stand out.

If you are thinking of a way to make your creations a little more ‘up market’, then it is a good idea to switch to wooden beads.

Wooden beadscome in various shapes and sizes. But, in order for them to create the desired effect, it is essential that they have undergone the dyeing process. Wooden beads are also available in unfinished conditions which give the designers the ability to customize them as necessary.

Necklaces and bracelets made of wooden beads are very attractive and if the beads are dyed, their beauty and look is amplified. Dyeing is a simple process and takes just a few minutes. The beads can be made more porous by soaking them in water for 30 minutes.

There are many different types of beads you can use in your jewelry creation and it is not necessary that you include only wooden beads in your necklace and bracelet. To make your creation unique, you can include wooden beads in between other types of beads such as seed beads, acrylic beads, lampwork beads, glass beads and other types of beads. But, the beads you choose to include in your creation should reflect the quality of the finished piece and the overall style you are looking to achieve.

You can even use different shapes of wooden beads to your creation. For example, you can use dice shaped beads in between round wooden beads. Since they are available in many different styles and shapes, you should have enough scope to think of unique jewelry designs. Moreover, with dyed wooden beads, you will have all sorts of different colors so you can add variations as well.

To give your jewelry a more unique look, you could even create your own wooden beads. You just need some tools such as a wood lathe. But, if you are looking to save time, you can consider buying wholesale lots online.

Pandahall beads wholesale online store specializes in all types of beads for jewelry creation. They have the widest selection of wooden beads for every type of beading project.

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