Creating a Good Corneal Transplant Brochure

Providing key, critical, and free information to your patients is critical when making a good corneal transplant brochure. Your readers like knowing exactly what their diagnosis may be before actually consulting with you when it comes to possible treatment options, future complications, or just how to manage the current condition. Incorporating your information efficiently and effectively with attractive designs will go a long way to easing a reader’s mindset.

A Great Front Cover Is Enticing

Having an eye catching front cover is essential when designing a corneal transplant brochure. In order to have an enticing front cover, you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to all three of these questions: 1) does your brochure get the reader’s attention with an emotional appeal? 2) Does it ask a provocative question? and 3) Does it communicate to the reader that there is a benefit to them picking the brochure up and reading it?

Why is it important to answer ‘yes’ to all three of those questions in the making of a good corneal transplant brochure? Because almost 80% of people will not pick up a brochure that does not have a prime benefit or a compelling reason on the front cover. Your reader’s are not interested in what your company’s mission statement is or what your updated logo looks like – they want to know why reading that corneal transplant brochure is going to help them right now, in that very instant.

The More Information, The Better

Don’t beat around the bush or be skimpy when it comes to providing information. A good corneal transplant brochure should include all the different reasons why someone might need to receive a transplant, what receiving a transplant involves, and what kind of recovery time is expected after receiving such a transplant. Having this information in hand allows the reader to be able to better make some life decisions that truly may affect them for the rest of their lives.

Not every reader, especially in the medical field, feels comfortable telling their doctor exactly what is wrong with them, what their fears are when it comes to having a transplant surgery, or for some, even admitting to others that there is something wrong with them. A good corneal transplant brochure can help them process the information that they need to know without pressuring them into an uncomfortable conversation.

Pictures Aren’t Worth a 1,000 Words

A common mistake in corneal transplant brochure design, as well as in the design of brochures on a plethora of subjects, is that they attempt to convey information to their reader in the form of visual images. However, even if your brochure is simply information based, what you are attempting to do with a brochure is sell them on what the brochure is about, not please them with a brochure full of graphics. The best brochures out there are simple, straight forward, and precise with the information that needs to be communicated to the reader.

And finally, it is important to always remember that a corneal transplant brochure, much like any other brochure, is not about you – it’s about the person who is going to pick it up and read it.